Open Science Seminar: Circular Economy - Rethink the use of materials

Open Seminars are monthly themed events focusing on material development. The seminars are open for all.

17.09.2018 | Christina Troelsen

Dato man 19 nov
Tid 10:00 15:00
Sted iNANO auditorium, Gustav Wieds Vej 14

Rethink the Use of Materials - Why is Material Focus Important for Circular Economy?

Circular economy is relevant in all aspects of society and cover a wide range of focus areas. In this open science seminar, circular economy will focus on the importance of rethinking the use of materials. How do we ensure the most optimal use and reuse of materials in the industry and how can fundamental research projects add to this agenda.

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The seminar will take you through different aspects of circular economy, from a focus on turning plastic waste to functional chemicals and new materials. How do we reuse plastic when normal reuse strategies are no longer applicable? Minna Hakkarainen from KTH have alternative end-of-service strategies for maximum utilization of resources and minimum pressure on the planet.

Anders Kildegaard Knudsen from The Danish Plastic Federation will elaborate on the Perspectives for Denmark as a role model for Circular Plastic Packaging. Rethinking the value chain for plastic packaging can lead to innovation, new jobs, increased competitiveness - and better products for consumers and the environment.

Jasper Steinhausen from Ouroboros A/S is an expert in helping finding the right pathway to make the transition and he will tell why a material focus is essential for the circular economy.

A key issue in the Central Denmark Region is to contribute to turning national and EU plans and goals for circular economy into action. Jytte Gad Lauridsen will highlight the importance of materials and initiatives at regional level

Polymers or plastics - does it matter for recycling? Anders Daugaard from DTU will give us some examples of different types of plastic and how their origin affects recycling. He will also present some recent results from selective sorting of plastic fractions in an attempt to provide possibilities

We will conclude the seminar with two cases from the industry. The stories of how Vestas and LEGO use circular economy models to ensure most effective use and reuse of materials and finally a lively discussion among participants.

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