Talk by Umahro Cadogan (in Danish)

Umahro Cadogan is known from TV2s program; Can you eat yourself healthy? Please also bring your partner, friend or coworker.

2018.03.28 | Therese K Mukendi

Date Thu 13 Sep
Time 15:00 17:00
Location AU Foulum, Auditorium
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Umahro Cadogan: has the deep academic understanding required to give you all the health, energy and vitality, you want and deserves.

Whether you want to be healthy, be healthier, perform better physical or perform better mentally and professionally. The means are diet, physical exercise and movement, sleep, handling of stress, optimisation of your mind and change of environment around you.

Umahro shows you the way, so you with a few simple means, can change your life in the direction you want.

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