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ST Research committee


Vice Dean Søren Keiding (chair), Dean's Office,

Vice Dean Jes Madsen (chair), Dean's Office,

Professor Kurt Vesterager Gothelf, iNANO,

Development manager Kasper Lynge, ASE,

Professor Per Kudsk, Agroecology,

Professor Søren Fournais, Mathematics,

Associate Professor Martijn Heck, Engineering,

Professor Ove Christiansen, Chemistry,

Professor Derek V. Byrne, Food,

Professor Henrik Balslev, Bioscience,

Professor Steen Hannestad, Physics and Astronomy,

Professor David Lundbek Egholm, Geoscience,

Professor Torben Heick Jensen, Molecular Biology and Genetics,

Professor Clive Sabel, Environmental Science,

Professor Anders Møller, Computer Science,

Professor Charlotte Lauridsen, Department of Animal Science,

Sabbatical grants

Sabbatical grants to members of academic staff on associate professor/senior researcher level as a minimum at the Faculty of Science and Technology

ST sabbatical grants 2018 and 2019

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