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Call - International collaboration and networking

International Collaboration and Networking

Support of conferences, workshops and other networking activities to strengthen the international profile of Science and Technology at Aarhus University.

With this call, The Faculty of Science and Technology wishes to strengthen the international profile of Science and Technology.

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• The initiative shall strengthen the international profile of Aarhus University as an excellent research facility. 
• Conferences and workshops held at AU facilities* can be supported. As a minimum five international scientists should participate in the event
• Support is primarily given to scientific conferences but can also be given to preparatory activities regarding applications for international funding or activities intended for recruiting for specific positions.
• *In general, satellite conferences will not be supported since they do not support international researchers visiting AU sites.
• Workshops can have a duration of 1-5 days.
• Travel expenses (Economy Class) and accommodation cost for international participants can be covered.

• It is possible to apply for an amount of 20.000-50.000 DKK. The funding can be part of a larger budget or the total funding of the activity. When needed the funding may serve as a “safety net”, in case application for other funding is unsuccessful. In that case, you must document the application for other funding and if granted, the ST Research Committee funding must be refunded.
• The call covers activities to be held in 2019.

Applications must contain:

• CV and publication list of the main applicant
• Name and affiliation of at least 5 participating international scientists
• Description of the activity incl. time, venue and duration.
• Expected number of participants
• Budget on expected earnings and expenses

Please forward the application to Mie Lundgaard,

Review Committee: Appointed members of the ST Research Committee, Kurt V. Gothelf and Per Kudsk
Deadline: Ongoing.

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