ST IT Support: New opening hours at the help desk on campus

2017.12.18 | Christina Troelsen

From 2 January 2018, there will be changes to the regular opening hours at our help desk on campus (Ny Munkegade, building 1521, room 310). The changes affect both telephone and personal services at the help desk.

New opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: 08.30–14.30
Friday: 08.30–12.30

The AV emergency number is open until 16.00 as previously.

The changes are taking place to redistribute the department’s resources. We are experiencing more demand for services at the help desk prior to 09.00. The number of e-mail cases is also increasing, and we are therefore moving resources from the afternoon shift to solve the cases we receive via e-mail. This enables us to provide better service when processing cases.

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