Mads C. Forchhammer’s evocative and artistic black and white photos depict the daily lives of a small group of rugged researchers who take on the High Arctic winter. Photo: Mads C. Forchhammer
Photo: Mads C. Forchhammer
Photo: Mads C. Forchhammer
Photo: Mads C. Forchhammer
Photo: Mads C. Forchhammer
Photo: Mads C. Forchhammer

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Mads Forchhammer’s book about the Zackenberg Research Station is being released today

Mads C. Forchhammer’s artistic book Zackenberg – on the edge of winter is about Aarhus University’s research station at Zackenberg in North-East Greenland. The book provides interesting insight into the lives and fieldwork of the researchers in the High Arctic.

Chemistry students and performers Ida Gjerlevsen (in foreground) and Lise Ibsen (behind table) sent two beautiful foam sausages towards the radiant summer morning sky, while TV host Kristian Gintberg (far left in white lab coat, cap and bare legs) kept a safe distance. Photos: Lise Balsby, AU Communication.
The foam explosions were not noisy, but they caused a start among the smaller visitors ...
...some of whom preferred to hold hands at a distance from the high jinks.
Even though the show was short, it provided Kristian Gintberg and the audience with an introduction to foam chemistry.

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High-flying foam sausages in Aarhus

A short but crisply executed chemistry show had the children’s programme frothing over at Wednesday morning’s SommerSummarum TV special.

Today is Niels Christian Nielsen’s first working day as dean of Science and Technology.

2013.08.12 | Science and Technology, Staff, News for employees, News from the management

First working day for the new dean

Niels Christian Nielsen is putting on his working gloves today as he seriously gets down to his new position as dean at Science and Technology, Aarhus University.

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