The man who will be assuming responsibility for Science and Technology at Aarhus University on 6 August has extensive research and leadership experience. The new dean is Professor Niels Christian Nielsen, currently centre director at iNANO.

2013.06.25 | Science and Technology, Staff

Who is the new Dean?

Centre director and professor at Aarhus University’s iNANO centre Niels Christian Nielsen (b. 1962) has just been appointed Dean of Science and Technology. He will be taking over the chair of Brian Bech Nielsen, who has been appointed Rector.

2013.06.21 | Science and Technology, Staff, Public / media

Art and science combined at the Steno Museum

Sound, images and pure knowledge were brought together in the premiere of Marine Plants, a new audiovisual installation on display at the Steno Museum for the next three months.

Photo: Colourbox

2013.06.19 | Science and Technology, Staff

Advisory Board will get together in August

The Advisory Board for Science and Technology has been appointed and will hold its first meeting on 15–16 August 2013.

When researchers want to find out what the vegetation was like at a certain time in history, they study samples taken from the bottom of lakes for the incidence of substances such as pollen. Shown here is a rare case with a very large amount of pollen in a geological deposit. (Photo: Bent Odgaard)

2013.06.12 | Science and Technology, Research, Public / media, Staff

Pollen reveals new interglacial period

Thousands of allergy sufferers are affected every year by the microscopic plant dust that fills the air when the flora wake from their winter hibernation. An Aarhus University researcher can now thank pollen for the remarkable discovery of a previously unknown interglacial period. Read more (in Danish only) here.

2013.06.07 | Staff, Public / media, Science and Technology, Grant, Talent development, Research

Three Science and Technology researchers awarded Sapere Aude grants

The Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF) has just awarded research funds as part of the Sapere Aude research career programme, and Science and Technology, Aarhus University, is represented with three researchers.

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