Professor Peter Balling (Photo: Rasmus Rørbæk)

2014.07.27 | Science and Technology, Public / media, Staff

Playing hide and seek with light

Being able to see light is not enough – it should also be possible to capture it. Peter Balling is a new professor with special responsibilities (MSO) at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, where he will strengthen research into new forms of solar cells.

Anders Filsøe Ramsing is studying to be an engineer and he is among the twenty per cent of engineering students at Aarhus University with a background as a tradesman. (Photo: Henrik Olsen, Aarhus University School of Engineering archive).

2014.07.15 | Staff, Public / media, School of Engineering Aarhus University

Social heritage means nothing to engineering students

While social mobility is moving slowly in society, things are really happening in the engineering degree programmes, where one of today’s most striking pattern breaks is in full swing. Read more (in Danish only) here.

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