The newly crowned European science show champions. Photo: Signe Frøkiær, Aarhus University

2014.06.23 | Public / media, Staff

Aarhus University students are European science show champions

Students from Aarhus University’s Chemistry Show and Physics Show, along with students from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), are the newly crowned European science show champions. They won the unofficial European Science Show Championship, held in connection with the Science in the City event in Copenhagen.

2014.06.18 | Staff, Public / media

Sapere Aude grants awarded to four Science and Technology researchers

The Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF) has just awarded research grants in the Sapere Aude career programme, and Science and Technology is represented with four researchers.

Hans Brix and Peter Henriksen have been appointed heads of the Department of Bioscience. They manage the department jointly, but taking finances and staff into consideration, Dr Henriksen is responsible for Bioscience Roskilde, Kalø and Silkeborg, while Professor Brix is responsible for Bioscience Aarhus.

2014.06.17 | Staff, Public / media

Two botanists will create growth at the Department of Bioscience

Hans Brix and Peter Henriksen have been acting heads of the Department of Bioscience since May 2013, and both positions have been extended by three years.

In recent years, Aarhus University has experienced significant growth in the number of students taking engineering degrees. However, this is not enough to meet society’s demands for manpower. (Photo: Henrik Olsen)

2014.06.17 | School of Engineering Aarhus University, Public / media, Staff, Department of Engineering

Aarhus University is part of ‘Engineer the future’

A number of Danish companies, branch organisations and educational institutions – including Aarhus University – have joined forces to get more young people to choose engineering or science degrees. Read more (in Danish only) here.

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