Senior Researcher Jakob Strand, Department of Bioscience, has received the Environmental Award 2015 for research into the environmental impact of microplastics in the marine environment.

2015.11.25 | Public / media, Staff

Environmental Award 2015 goes to Aarhus University researcher

Jakob Strand has received the Aase and Ejnar Danielsen Foundation’s Environmental Award 2015 valued at DKK 250,000 for research into the environmental impact of microplastics in the marine environment.

2015.11.25 | Public / media, Staff

Come to the final of the Dean’s Challenge

Get to know Denmark’s innovative future when Aarhus University students compete on ingenuity at the final of the Dean’s Challenge on Friday 4 December.

2015.11.25 | Staff

Centenary of engineering in Aarhus: bright future ahead for engineers

On Friday 20 November, engineering education at Aarhus University celebrated its centenary. Two hundred people took part in the festivities, which were kicked off by a symposium on subjects including robots and technical developments in the world of banking.

Sadegh Nabavi has been awarded one of the prestigious ERC Starting Grants. (Photo: DANDRITE)
Figure 1. Sadegh Nabavi will use optogenetics to modify memory strength at the synaptic level to study why only some synapses, and hence memories, become permanent (Figure: Sadegh Nabavi)
Figure 2. a) Fear conditioning with optogenetics. Diagram of rat’s fear memory circuit receiving optogenetically driven input stimulation (laser) paired with a shock (left). Animal is tested one day later (right) by optical activation of the input (blue). Time plot shows normalised number of lever presses (1 min bins) to a previously learned cued lever-press task. b) LTD inactivates memory. In vivo field response in lateral amygdala to single optical stimulus (left) before and after LTD induction (1Hz). Animal is tested one day later (right). c) LTP reactivates memory. Same as b) except animal receives an LTP protocol (100Hz). (Figure: Sadegh Nabavi, published in <em>Nature</em> [Nabavi et al., 2014])

2015.11.20 | Public / media, Staff

ERC Starting Grant for research in memory formation and consolidation

DANDRITE Group Leader Sadegh Nabavi has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant of EUR 1.5 million for research into memory formation to answer the fundamental questions on why some memories last and some are soon lost.

2015.11.24 | Staff, Public / media

The Greenhouses are the best family outing in the city

On Wednesday 11 November, the Greenhouses were named the best family outing in the city. Aarhus residents voted on the AOA website – All About Aarhus. The Greenhouses are now officially the City’s Best Family Outing 2015. Read more (in Danish only) here.

2015.11.10 | Staff

Publish your texts as eBooks through AU Library

All AU researchers now have the option of having their reports, dissertations and working papers published as eBooks free of charge. AU Library is now offering a new publication service that also strengthens the university’s efforts to promote Open Access publication.

What works when you want to relay your research results online? Peter Hyldgård from gives individual feedback to the PhD students.

2015.11.02 | Staff

Come on, Auntie Gerda – it’s time to hear about my research!

Explaining your special field to others is not always easy. Three PhD students at Science and Technology report on the research dissemination course.

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