2016.10.27 | Staff

ST launches ambitious strategy

Science and Technology’s strategy plan up to 2020 has now been set in motion, along with the accompanying action plans. The strategies for the departments and centres set some ambitious goals along with the faculty’s overall strategy plan. The aim is to strengthen the development of core services.

2016.10.11 | Staff

Join a course on psychological first aid

Would you like to know what you can do in situations involving stress, depression, anxiety, psychosis, abuse, and acute crises? The psychological first aid course will be held over two days in November, and targets everyone at ST who is committed to ensuring a good work environment. Read more (in Danish only) here.

2016.10.12 | Staff

Are your students innovative?

If so, the Dean’s Challenge – the innovative case competition – is something for them. The competition is open to all Science and Technology students with good, quirky or new solutions to global issues.

When a researcher goes on maternity/paternity leave, the salary will from now on be covered by central funds for maternity/paternity leave at the faculty. (Photo: Maria Randima, Aarhus University)

2016.10.11 | Staff

Establishment of maternity/paternity leave funds at Science and Technology

As of 1 January 2017, central funds for maternity/paternity leave will be established at faculty level to cover all employees at Science and Technology. The funds will help promote equal opportunities for everyone and thereby improve the gender balance among researchers at all levels.

2016.10.11 | Staff

ST must be better at Open Access

With an increased international focus on making research more accessible to everyone, Open Access is becoming relevant for more and more research environments. Science and Technology has plenty of room for improvement in this field. AU Library ST is ready with information and guidance.

Six energetic researchers from three of AU’s main academic areas were ready to answer questions from the audience. (Photo: Peter Bondo Christensen)
As the sun was setting over Aarhus, the deck of the <em>Aurora</em> provided an evocative setting for the ‘Ask Aarhus University’ event during the Aarhus Festival. (Photo: Peter Bondo Christensen)
Spirits were high among the researchers during the round of questions. Here Professor Karl Anker Jørgensen, Department of Chemistry, explains why you get a hangover. (Photo: Peter Bondo Christensen)
The Duo Terrasso played jazz prior to the round of questions and during the break. (Photo: Peter Bondo Christensen)
Nordisk Tang served delicious seafood tapas before the questions began. (Photo: Peter Bondo Christensen)

2016.09.06 | Staff

Aarhus Festival enriched by energetic researchers

The mood was expectant during the Aarhus Festival when six Aarhus University (AU) researchers answered quirky questions at the ‘Ask Aarhus University’ event held on the deck of AU’s research vessel the Aurora.

As early as the 1960s, students got together for the social events held by <em>TÅGEKAMMERET</em>. This picture is one of many collected by the association during the almost sixty years that have passed since <em>TÅGEKAMMERET</em> was founded. (Photo: <em>TÅGEKAMMERET</em>)
Through the course of time, <em>TÅGEKAMMERET</em> has contributed to the social life at the university. Here students are gathered at the dining table in the early 1960s. (Photo: <em>TÅGEKAMMERET</em>)

2016.10.10 | Science and Technology, Public / media, Staff

TÅGEKAMMERET (The Cloud Chamber) turns 60!

TÅGEKAMMERET (The Cloud Chamber) is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary at Aarhus University this autumn. It is probably the oldest lecture and party association in Denmark. TÅGEKAMMERET is run by volunteers consisting of students, and throughout the many years of its existence, the association has created a unique framework…

2016.10.12 | Staff

New professor at the Department of Chemistry

Torben R. Jensen has been appointed Professor With Special Responsibilities in Inorganic Materials Chemistry.

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