2016.09.29 | Staff

Ivan Damgaard awarded Order of the Dannebrog

Professor Ivan Damgaard has been awarded the honourable Order of the Dannebrog by HM Queen Margrethe II.

2016.09.23 | Staff

Jens Stougaard awarded the Order of Dannebrog

Her Majesty the Queen has awarded Professor Jens Stougaard the Order of Dannebrog as of 23 September 2016 in recognition of his impressive career.

2016.09.26 | Staff

Aarhus professor has amoeba named after him

Professor Erik Jeppesen, Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University, has had an amoeba named after him. The tiny creature bearing the great researcher’s name is Korotnevella jeppesenii.

Rajiv Vaid Basaiawmoit

2016.09.21 | Staff

Distinguished second place for innovative teaching

Rajiv Vaid Basaiawmoit won second place in the 11th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

2016.09.21 | Staff

New design for external websites

Aarhus University’s new design framework will make the external web universe clearer and more user-friendly. Implementation begins this autumn at the faculty and the first of ST’s departments.

Science and Technology’s strategic goal is to strengthen its collaboration with the business sector. It is therefore now easier to get in touch with the right people at the faculty via the website

2016.09.20 | Staff

New business-oriented websites

Science and Technology’s business-oriented websites have been revised to make them more user-oriented. The different collaboration opportunities are presented, and it is now easier to find contact information for the academic environments.

Peter Hyldegård from provides the course participants with individual feedback.

2016.09.19 | Staff

You might be an expert, but can you communicate your knowledge?

Are you a PhD student, and do you dream of getting your research results in the media? Or would you like to find it easier to explain your research to friends and family?

2016.09.13 | Staff, Public / media

H2020 grant for privacy-preserving Big Data technologies

The EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020 has granted DKK 3.5 million to Associate Professor Claudio Orlandi for a project called SODA (Scalable Oblivious Data Analytics). The project will be carried out in collaboration between Philips Research, Eindhoven University of Technology, Aarhus University, Göttingen University and the Alexandra Institute.

The laboratory at the Department of Geoscience is class 10 in the enclosures where samples are handled and class 100 in the laboratory itself. For a laboratory to qualify as a class 10 cleanroom, there must be fewer than 352 particles measuring more than 0.5 micrometres per cubic metre of air. By way of comparison, there are more than 35 million particles on average in the air that surrounds us on a daily basis at work, in the woods or at home. (Photo: Gry Barfod, AGiR)

2016.09.14 | Public / media, Staff

New cleanroom facilities opened in Aarhus

A new cleanroom at Aarhus University can provide knowledge about everything from lava flows in volcanoes to biomedical impacts at the nano level. Denmark’s latest cleanroom opened on Friday 9 September, and it ushers in a number of new research opportunities.

2016.09.08 | Public / media, Staff

Honorary doctorate conferred by Aarhus University on highly acclaimed physicist

The ‘father’ of attosecond science – Professor Paul Bruce Corkum – will be awarded an honorary doctorate by Aarhus University at its annual celebration on 9 September.

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