Members of the Advisory Board with the Dean's Office at ST. From left: Jes Madsen, Søren Rud Keiding, Rikke Palmgren, Lars Aagaard, Kurt Nielsen, David T. Barnard, Niels Christin Nielsen, Lars Goldschmidt, Jakob Thulesen Dahl, Bram de Vos, Gerry Gilmore and Finn Borchsenius. Photo: Aarhus University

2018.08.28 | Staff

Visit from the Advisory Board: internationalisation, retention and external relations

Over the past year, ST has been working on internationalisation and external cooperation, and this was exactly the focus of the ST Advisory Board meeting on 16-17 August 2018.

2018.08.24 | Staff

ST Awards 2018

Science and Technology has once more this year awarded six prizes to staff at the faculty. The six ST Awards were presented in connection with the ST SUMMER HANGOUT on Friday 24 August 2018.

Limited IT during the weekend of 8 - 9 September. Photo: Colourbox

2018.08.24 | Staff

Limited IT during the weekend of 8 - 9 September

AU's IT systems and IT services will be subject to interruptions during the weekend of 8 and 9 September 2018.

[Translate to English:] Aarhus Universitet. Foto: Lars Kruse, AU Foto

2018.08.23 | Staff

The competency fund has been replaced by a new ‘national competency fund’

From now on, employees at Aarhus University should apply for funding for individual competency development from the new national competency fund (Den statslige kompetencefond), which has replaced the former competency fund and the fund for government workplaces.

A record number of new students were welcomed to Science and Technology on Wednesday, 22 August. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU FOTO.
Dean Niels Christian Nielsen held his welcome speech for several groups of students. This is in the main hall. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU FOTO.
As always, the TÅGEKAMMERET social and lecture association also took part in the welcome celebrations. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU FOTO.
More than 300 'older' students made a huge contribution as tutors to help the new students to a successful start in their life at the university. The dean extended a special thank-you to them. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto.

2018.08.28 | Staff, Public / media

Record number of new students

On Wednesday, 22 August 2018, Science and Technology welcomed 1,832 new BSc and BEng students.

Photo: Colourbox

2018.08.28 | Public / media, Staff

Three projects focussing on clean water

What impact does the discharge of nutrients have on the pH balance in the sea and on eutrophication? Can more aquatic plants reduce nitrogen and phosphorus in watercourses and provide better water quality? These are just two of the questions Aarhus University will now help to answer with grants from the Velux Foundation totalling DKK 3.9 million.

Professor Claudio Orlandi has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant worth €1.5M. Photo: Peter F. Gammelby, Aarhus University

2018.08.10 | Public / media, Grant, Staff

ERC Starting Grant for research in next level cryptographic protocols

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded Associate Professor Claudio Orlandi from the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University a starting grant worth €1.5M for research into private and efficient secure multiparty computation (MPC).

(Ill: Henning Larsen Architects)

2018.07.06 | Public / media, Staff, Press release

Aarhus University selected as the first Danish ‘lighthouse’ research environment in Lund

Denmark has invested billions of DKK in state-of-the-art research facilities around the European Spallation Source (ESS) near Lund in Sweden. Bo Brummerstedt will now be the first research director of a Danish lighthouse environment that will work towards realising the ambitions behind the huge Danish investment. The appointment is accompanied by…

Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen, Science and Technology. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo.

2018.07.06 | Staff

The Dean's summer greeting 2018

Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen wishes all staff and students a good summer with updates about what’s happening at ST and a status on the faculty's special focus areas.

Photo: ST Communication.

2018.07.05 | Staff

New financial model for ST adopted

A new financial model for ST was adopted at the faculty management meeting on 5 July 2018. The financial model will be taken into use to set the 2019 budget.

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