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2017.09.04 | Science and Technology, Staff, Public / media

13 radical ideas launched

From 1 September, the maturation process of 13 radical ideas will begin. All the ideas are deemed to have the potential to impact the future development of the oil and gas industry. For the next three months, the researchers will investigate their ideas in an effort to figure out whether they still have potential or not.

Professor Karl Anker Jørgensen is presented with the Carlsberg Foundation Research Prize 2017 by HRH Crown Princess Mary. Photo: Martin Juul 
Presentation of the Carlsberg Foundation Research Prizes 2017. From left: President of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters Mogens Høgh Jensen, Minister for Higher Education and Science Søren Pind, award winner Mette Birkedal Bruun, HRH Crown Princess Mary, award winner Karl Anker Jørgensen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Carlsberg Foundation Flemming Besenbacher and Secretary General of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters Lars Arge. Photo: Martin Juul

2017.09.04 | Public / media, Staff

The Carlsberg Foundation awards Research Prize to Professor of Chemistry Karl Anker Jørgensen

The prize was awarded for his ground-breaking research in organic chemistry.

The ST SUMMER HANGOUT was held in brilliant summer weather at the Navitas Building at the Port of Aarhus. (Photo: dypång management)
There was fierce competition in the sports disciplines. (Photo: dypång management)
Hammering nails was a popular discipline with many competitors. (Photo: dypång management)
True to tradition, the dean presented six ST Awards. This year’s winners pictured with the dean. Front from left: Vice-Dean Kurt Nielsen, Professor Mogens Sandø Lund (ST Industrial Collaboration Award), PhD student William Joyce (ST Talent Award), Professor Lars Hestbjerg Hansen (ST Science Award), Engineer Jacques Chevallier (ST TAP Award), Professor Hanne Damgaard Poulsen (ST Public Sector Consultancy Award) and Associate Professor Ditlev Egeskov Brodersen (ST Education Award). Back from left: Vice-Dean Finn Borchsenius, Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen and Vice-Dean Søren Keiding. (Photo: dypång management)

2017.09.04 | Staff

ST SUMMER HANGOUT – festive atmosphere, high spirits and summer weather

There were 1,300 members of staff taking part in Science and Technology’s annual summer celebration on Friday 25 August 2017. The new concept for the celebration was a great success, with team activities during the afternoon and a festive atmosphere at the harbourside near the Navitas Building. See photos and a video from the celebration.

2017.09.01 | Staff

A new and simpler workplace assessment in 2019

The senior management team has decided to test a new and simpler model for the workplace assessment (WPA) which takes place every three years, the next time in spring 2019. For the new WPA, employees will have to assess both the physical and the psychological workplaces at the same time.

Photo: Colourbox

2017.08.29 | Staff

Status of competitive bidding for public sector consultancy

In the coming years, Science and Technology’s public sector consultancy will be subjected to competitive bidding. The work involved in preparing for this is in full swing.

The Open Science idea originally came about at iNANO. (Photo: Lars Kruse)

2017.08.28 | Staff

Knowledge Centre for Open Science

Open Science is becoming a science in itself. Following the take-off of SPOMAN – the first Open Science project at the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Centre (iNANO) – Science and Technology has now allocated funds to setting up an Open Science centre.

2017.08.24 | Staff

ST Awards 2017

Science and Technology has once more this year awarded six prizes to staff at the faculty. The six ST Awards were presented in connection with the ST SUMMER HANGOUT on Friday 25 August 2017.

170 school teachers attended the course at Aarhus University.
Discussions continued during the breaks, with teachers sharing their knowledge.

2017.08.28 | Staff

Academic ‘candy’ for school teachers

School teachers are demanding further education, and their request has been acknowledged by researchers at Aarhus University and the University of Copenhagen, who organised the course ‘from Big Bang to the Modern Human’. There were 170 participants in the course held in Aarhus in August.

2017.08.28 | Staff

Millions allocated to projects about the true state of the marine environment

The VILLUM FOUNDATION and the VELUX FOUNDATION have granted DKK 10.5 million to five projects about the Danish marine environment. The projects will gather knowledge, researchers and players cutting across the board and focusing on the balance in the marine ecosystem. Researchers at the Department of Bioscience are leading three of the projects…

The sun shone on the many new students on Wednesday morning, and the tutors welcomed them with smiles and high spirits. (Photo: Lars Kruse, Aarhus University)
Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen held welcome speeches for the students in several groups, this one in the university’s Main Hall. (Photo: Lars Kruse, Aarhus University)
True to tradition, the students were welcomed by the <em>Tågekammeret</em> (the Cloud Chamber) social committee. (Photo: Lars Kruse, Aarhus University)
About three hundred ‘older’ students make great efforts as tutors to help the new students get off to a good start with their student life. They received special thanks for their work from the dean. (Photo: Lars Kruse, Aarhus University)

2017.08.25 | Staff

Welcome to the new students

Wednesday 23 August was the first day of studies for 1730 new BSc and BEng students at Science and Technology.

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