DKK 1.8 million awarded to ‘fireballs’ at Science and Technology

The Industrial Cooperation Committee has awarded eight ‘fireball’ grants to Science and Technology for 2017 and 2018. The funding is provided to help researchers prepare applications and establish new research networks targeting Horizon 2020 multi-partner projects.

2017.02.23 | Christina Troelsen

Aarhus University’s Committee for Research and External Cooperation has allocated funds for the ‘fireball’ initiative. At Science and Technology, DKK 0.8 million has been allocated for 2017 and DKK 1 million for 2018.

The recipients are researchers who would like to set up new research collaborations and networks with European researchers. The aim is to establish strong new academic networks that can be competitive applicants for Horizon 2020 research programmes.

The funds can be used for network-generating activities such as meetings with relevant EU players or holding events to highlight their activities.

The recipients of the ‘fireball’ grants are:

Lotte Bach Larsen, Department of Food Science
Topic: Raw versus processed food
Total grant: DKK 250,000

Carl-Otto Ottosen, Department of Food Science
Topic: Efficient plants and production systems
Total grant: DKK 35,000

Mahmoud Shirali and Just Jensen, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Topic: Breeding live-stock for resilience and efficiency
Total grant: DKK 266,000

Toke Thomas Høye, Department of Bioscience
Topic: Biodiversity in the Arctic with a focus on insects and other arthropods
Total grant: DKK 298,000

Marianne Thomsen, Department of Environmental Science
Topic: Circular economy
Total grant: DKK 263,000

Pia Frederiksen, Department of Environmental Science
Topic: Transition to smart, robust and healthy urban areas based on renewable energy
Total grant: DKK 130,000

Marianne Zandersen and Gregor Levin, Department of Environmental Science
Topic: Nature-based solutions and climate adaptation/mitigation in cities
Total grant: DKK 263,000

Niels Halberg, DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture
Topic: Circular bioeconomy
Total grant: DKK 295,000

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