Aarhus Novo Nordisk Science and Talent Network 2017 Symposium

On Friday 17 March 2017, Novo Nordisk and ST will be hosting a symposium at Aarhus University with a focus on scientific topics for joint collaboration. Registration before 6 March.

2017.02.22 | Rasmus Rørbæk

It will be a day with a focus on scientific research and joint collaboration between Novo and AU, when the symposium is held in Aarhus.

The established collaboration concerns industrial PhD projects with three industrial PhD students annually, where a total of nine PhD students will be offered three-year research scholarships. The research will take place in the leading technological research environments at Science and Technology, Aarhus University, and in Novo Nordisk’s research and development department in Måløv. The Aarhus Novo Nordisk Science and Talent Network programme will run for five years.

The symposium in March is the scientific point of contact for generating ideas, meeting other researchers and potentially developing more collaboration between Novo and Aarhus University.

Registration for the symposium can be made via https://auws.au.dk/au-novo-symposium (please register before 6 March 2017).

Follow this link to see a preliminary programme.

Staff, PhD Students, Science and Technology
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