Work commences on new admission system

As previously announced, ST has decided to implement a new admission system, which will initially be used in connection with intakes of quota 2 students in Computer Science, IT and Physics degree programmes from 2018.

2017.06.29 | Christina Troelsen

Computer Science is one of the degree programmes that will use the new admission system for quota 2 students from 2018. Photo: Lars Kruse

The Faculty Management Team has decided that the forthcoming admission test will consist of two parts:

1. A multiple choice test – uniTEST – which assesses the applicant’s general cognitive skills. The test was developed by ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) and is used by institutions including SDU (University of Southern Denmark) and AU Health.

2. A programme developed specifically for the subject and held by the departments responsible for the degree programme.

The work involved in developing the concept for the specific programmes is now in progress at the departments, and the student organisations have also been invited to contribute.

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