Art and science combined at the Steno Museum

Sound, images and pure knowledge were brought together in the premiere of Marine Plants, a new audiovisual installation on display at the Steno Museum for the next three months.

2013.06.21 | Signe Høgslund

A full-house at the planetarium was led through a sensual voyage of discovery through unique underwater forests and meadows found along the Danish coastline. Throughout the journey, the plants that form the basis for all life in the sea were portrayed in images and videos, while the sound tried to capture the atmospheric identity of the sea and integrate it in a new musical composition.

The project involves collaboration between the installation artist Maja Egebo and Senior Scientist Peter Bondo Christensen.

“We provide the audience with insight into the hidden and vulnerable ecosystem that marine plants are a part of, and we hope that the interplay between feelings and knowledge will increase the care of this important ecosystem,” says Peter Bondo Christensen, who is the coordinator of the project.

The premiere included popular science lectures about marine plants. Researchers Birgit Olesen, Dorte Krause-Jensen and Annette Bruhn, Department of Bioscience, talked about large and small algae, the vulnerability of the seagrass meadows, and the many new options for using seaweed in Western society.

The installation is on display in the dome-shaped planetarium, where audiences can go on a voyage of discovery in the audiovisual variability of the room, or just lean back in the soft seats and be engulfed by the submarine universe.

Opening hours: Tuesday–Sunday at 15.00 from 19 June to 15 September 2013


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For more information, please contact

Maja Egebo
+45 6174 0920

Peter Bondo Christensen
+45 2261 7949

See more (in Danish only) at the Steno Museum’s website.

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