Decision on the division of ST

On 7 June, the AU Board approved the division of Science and Technology along disciplinary lines. Read here the email from rector Brian Bech Nielsen to all staff at ST.

2019.06.14 | Christina Troelsen

[Translate to English:] AU's bestyrelse har på bestyrelsesmødet 7. juni godkendt forslaget om deling af ST. Foto: Lars Kruse, AU Foto

Dear staff at ST,

The AU Board has just approved the division of Science and Technology along disciplinary lines.

This means that we can now initiate the process of the administrative division of the faculty, including the establishment of working groups for each administrative area and the recruitment of two new deans. The consultation at ST revealed that we also need to establish working groups that will focus on shared functions, for example the PhD programmes, the structure of the boards of studies and ST Learning Lab.

Finally, the proposed names of the two new faculties - ‘Faculty of Science’ and ‘Faculty of Engineering and Life Sciences’ have given rise to discussion and critique, both internally at ST and elsewhere at AU. In particular, questions have been raised about the inclusion of ‘Life Sciences’ in the name of one of the faculties, because the new ‘Faculty of Science’ will also have significant activities in the area of ‘life science’, in addition to the fact that the term is widely used in scientific circles in connection with a variety of health sciences research disciplines. For this reason, we have decided that ST’s faculty management team will initiate a new process to develop proposals for the names of the two faculties that will be more generally acceptable. The proposals will be submitted to and approved by the senior management team.

I look forward to the upcoming process, and I'm pleased by the strong engagement in the question demonstrated during the consultation process. Naturally, more information about the consultation and the coming process will be forthcoming after the Pentecost holiday.

I have also commented on the division of the faculty and the upcoming process in a short video on ST's website.

I wish you and your families a wonderful Pentecost weekend.


Brian Bech Nielsen


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