Call for Your Radical Ideas!

Have you ever wondered why some things aren’t solved differently? Then you might be the perfect candidate to come up with an idea for the Radical Innovation Sprint programme at the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC).

2017.05.08 | Rasmus Rørbæk

To find the potential of an idea, exploring its possibilities is necessary.  DHRTC now offers everybody with a radical idea which may lead to more oil and gas recovered, more viable constructions or further improved systems to submit their ideas in order to discover the idea’s potential.

The aim of the DHRTC Radical Innovation Sprint programme is to fund work on radical ideas for a period of three months. The requirement for qualification is that the idea has the potential to change the Oil and Gas Industry. DHRTC understands radical ideas as ideas that can lead to innovations which result in discontinuous change of the industry. That is, the innovation could not result from a linear extrapolation or progression from the current state of art.

“We seek the unknown and unseen bay in the oil and gas industry.  Therefore, we will not flag the known challenges, but instead we will seek and explore new technologies, processes, products, services etc. that have the potential to create a dramatic change in oil and gas production,” says Lene Hjelm Poulsen, Head of Technology Maturation at DHRTC.

Submission deadline is June 20th 2017. The Sprint itself will be conducted between September 1st and November 30th 2017.  

For further information and general inquiries about DHRTC, you can contact AU Local Focal Point Gülnur Dogan at

If you would like to try this challenge, you can read more on our website where you can find more information about how to submit your idea, the process and much more. 

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