Changes to library services at ST

The number of Science and Technology’s library service locations will be reduced from four to two when the Navitas and Foulum libraries close.

2017.03.15 | Christina Troelsen

AU Library Katrinebjerg will from now on be the service location for all engineering students at Aarhus University. The library is run in collaboration with Arts. (Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Communication)

The Faculty Management Team has decided to consolidate the engineering services in Katrinebjerg and to continue the current library service in Ny Munkegade. This means there will no longer be library services at Navitas and in Foulum.

A major part of ST’s library budget involves expenses for processing electronic journal subscriptions. The publishers charge more for electronic licences every year and, combined with a higher exchange rate for the dollar, this means that the Faculty Management Team has had to prioritise expenses in this area.

There will still be access to the manuals on the shelves at the library in Foulum, as well as the collections available in the archives via the self-service facility. Foulum will thereby offer the same level of service as the majority of the departments and centres in Aarhus and other ST locations outside Aarhus.

Katrinebjerg will from now on be the library service facility for the entire engineering area. This provides an opportunity to create a shared environment for engineering students, where courses and workshops can also be held. Because the planned development of the engineering area will largely take place in Katrinebjerg and the north-western part of the university, locating the library service in Katrinebjerg will be an advantage in the long term. The library in Katrinebjerg will continue to be run in collaboration with Arts.

In connection with the amalgamation with the former Engineering College, Aarhus University took over a transparency obligation in the library area, which includes access and lending to private individuals, and participation in the national library collaboration with lending to public and research libraries. This obligation will continue at Katrinebjerg.

Changes to the library service locations are expected to be carried out during the course of 2017.



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