Consultation on proposal to divide the Faculty of Science and Technology

The proposal to divide Science and Technology into two faculties has now been presented to AU’s Board. The board has approved that the proposal is to be submitted for consultation at AU commencing on Friday 26 April. Read about the proposal here and about how the consultation process will progress.

2019.04.26 | Anne-Mette Siem

Consultation on proposal to divide the Faculty of Science and Technology. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo

Consultation on proposal to divide the Faculty of Science and Technology. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo

Rector Brian Bech Nielsen announced in February that he would propose dividing Science and Technology into two faculties with a view to increasing the power of the management, improving the visibility of engineering area externally, and to create a better balance at the university as a whole. If the proposal is adopted, the university will consist five approximately equal-sized faculties.

Model for the division
A model for the division has emerged following in-depth discussions between the rector, the Dean’s Office and department heads at ST. This model has been presented to staff at all ST departments and department-like centres, and all employees have had an opportunity to ask clarifying questions. The proposed model maintains the current departmental structure with a few exceptions, and thus employees' reporting relationships are not affected.

The model for the division into two new faculties is as follows:

Faculty of Engineering and Life Sciences:
Department of Agroecology
Department of Bioscience (RKS)
Department of Animal Science
Department of Environmental Science
Department of Food Science
Department of Engineering
Aarhus University School of Engineering (ASE)
DCA - Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture
DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy

Faculty of Science:
Department of Bioscience (AAR)
Department of Computer Science
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Department of Geoscience
Department of Chemistry
Department of Mathematics
Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Centre (iNANO)
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics*

*) Placing of the Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics, and the Section for Crop Genetics and Biotechnology has yet to be confirmed).

The Faculty of Engineering and Life Sciences will contain the engineering activities and departments with public-sector consultancy as a core task. The faculty will gain unique potential within technological development, innovation, sustainable solutions, collaboration with companies and consultancy for government agencies and businesses.

The Faculty of Science will include the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science. The faculty will have a distinct profile with focus on development, application and dissemination of basic research and science. The Faculty will have a special potential to help solve major societal challenges. This potential will be realised through continued cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering and Life Sciences, but also with the other faculties, not least Health.

Research and education will be core tasks at both faculties. Current educational cooperation will continue across the existing departmental boundaries and the future faculty boundaries. Just as the interdisciplinary centres and other cross-disciplinary collaboration will also continue as before.

Consultation process at all of AU
The model described above for dividing Science and Technology into two new faculties has been presented to the AU Board. The proposal is now being submitted for a broad consultation process to the whole university until 20 May.

The consultation includes:
At ST, all departments and units, the Academic Council, the administrative centre, the Dean’s Office, the Faculty Liaison Committee, FAMU, the study committee and the students will be involved in the consultation. At ST’s departments and in the administrative centre, the local liaison committee will also be included. On the other three faculties relevant parties will be involved in the consultation, including the Faculty management team, the academic councils and liaison committees. In the Administration, there will be the involvement of LEA and ASU. HSU will also be involved. Student organisations will also be heard.

Further process for the division
On 7 June, the AU Board will make the final decision on dividing ST. If the Board approves the proposal, a number of working groups will be set up in the autumn to submit proposals for administrative support for the two new faculties.

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