The dean challenges the students

The Dean’s Challenge is an innovative case competition that is being held for the third year in a row, providing ST students with an opportunity to come up with new and unconventional solutions to global issues.

2017.09.14 | Amalie Tromborg Thaysen

Students competing in the Dean’s Challenge are given three different cases in three different categories – FOOD, HEALTH and CLIMATE/ENERGY. Attached to each category is a Danish company with expertise in the relevant field, and which also takes part in selecting the winner.

The Dean’s Challenge came about in 2015 from a collaboration between the NOVA student association and Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen. They wanted to provide the students with an opportunity to try out their skills in scientific innovation in a safe environment. The competition opens on 2 October with the announcement of the three challenges, and there is a KICK-OFF event on 5 October attended by the dean and the partner companies. The students’ solutions will be submitted on 29 October, and the finals take place on 6 November, when the competitors present their cases to the jury and the audience (everyone is welcome). The first prize in each of the three categories is DKK 10,000, and the second and third prizes in each category are DKK 2,500.

Not only can the students win attractive cash prizes, but they can also benefit in their future careers from the extremely relevant experience gained from their work in the competition. Society places great demands on students in terms of skills such as being innovative and decisive, as well as daring to take the lead. These are the skills they are trained in when they compete in the Dean’s Challenge. If you know any talented students, please encourage them to sign up.

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