Last call! Is your computer ready for 2018?

If IT support has not yet updated your computer, it is important that you contact them to make an appointment to have it updated. Computers which are not updated will be deactivated on 31 December 2017.

2017.09.28 | Malene Hjulmand Bundgaard

Contact your local IT support team ASAP
Please contact your local IT support team as soon as possible to schedule a time and place for you to bring in your computer. Please make every effort to keep your appointment out of consideration for the IT support team’s planning.

You risk having your computer deactivated if you wait until the last minute to schedule an appointment, because IT support may not be have enough time to update your computer before 31 December 2017.

Assessment of your computer
When you bring your computer in to have it updated, the IT support team will assess your computer’s condition to make sure that it can handle the software update.

If it is not possible to update the computer, it must be replaced by a new (or newer) model. As a general rule, computers that are more than four years old cannot handle the software update, and they must be replaced.

How long will you have to do without your computer?
You should count on the process taking about 1 work day, depending on the amout of data on your computer. The best option is to deliver your computer by 13:00 at the latest and then collect it the next day after agreement with with your IT support team.

Special information on research equipment
IT support handles research equipment separately, and can help you find the right solution for your particular equipment.

You are naturally welcome to contact your local IT support team if you have questions. Find contact information at


The computers of all employees (Mac, PC, and Unix/Linux) must be updated by the end of the year. This is being done to offer employees an up-to-date digital workplace and to upgrade the IT security level of individual employees and the university as a whole.

In addition, all computers must be registered in AU IT’s domain controller and integrated into the university-wide AU domain, Once your computer has been registered and integrated into the AU domain by AU IT, you will automatically be notified whenever the operating system and standard applications need to be updated.

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