Early morning launch event attracted 450 space enthusiasts

Space research was in focus right from the early morning on 2 September, when the Science Museums and the Stellar Astrophysics Centre, in collaboration with Science and Technology, invited visitors to lectures and the live transmission of the lift-off of the first Danish astronaut – Andreas Mogensen.

2015.09.02 | Christina Troelsen

The tense atmosphere in the lecture theatre was broken by applause when Andreas Mogensen and his colleagues were in orbit and could signal thumbs up to the camera. (Photo: Jesper Rais, Aarhus University)

There were nerves right up to lift-off, not only in the spacecraft, but also in the Lakeside Lecture Theatre in Aarhus. (Photo: Jesper Rais, Aarhus University)

The early risers started the day with coffee and bread rolls in the foyer. (Photo: Jesper Rais, Aarhus University)

Live transmission from the launch ramp in Kazakhstan. (Photo: Jesper Rais, Aarhus University)

It was almost as if Andreas Mogensen was waving to the lecture theatre in Aarhus. (Photo: Jesper Rais, Aarhus University)

A real Danish supporter among the audience. (Photo: Jesper Rais, Aarhus University)

The tense silence in the Lakeside Lecture Theatres was broken by applause and smiles when the Soyuz spacecraft finally came into orbit approximately nine minutes after lift-off at 6:37. By then, the many visitors had already been there for more than an hour, during which time they listened to presentations by experts at Aarhus University. These included talks on the mission, the rocket and the preparations for the launch.

Free coffee and bread rolls were served in the foyer for the early risers at 5:30, after which they moved into the lecture theatre. Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen, Science and Technology, welcomed everyone and particularly Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard, City of Aarhus, who was sitting in the first row.

Attending the event were also representatives from a number of media. These included Radio DR P1, which sent live broadcasts from the lecture theatre several times during the morning.

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