Updating Mac computers at ST

IT Support and AU IT are working on updating all staff computers at Aarhus University, not only to ensure a modern IT platform, but also to improve IT security at the university. The extensive work involved in updating Windows computers at ST is well under way and, as far as possible, ST IT Support will soon make a start on updating Mac and Unix/Linux.

2017.08.21 | Christina Troelsen

The overall aim is that all staff computers (Mac, PC and Unix/Linux) will be registered in AU IT’s central management by the end of the year, and moved to the university’s joint domain/UNIAD – called uni.au.dk. If your computer is part of the central management at AU IT, you will automatically be notified when it is time to update the operating system and standard programs. The ongoing updates will ensure a high level of IT security, which is a great improvement for individual employees, and also reduces the risk of an attack spreading throughout the university.

Your Mac can be updated by one of two methods:

  1. If your Mac is registered at AU IT, you will automatically receive a pop-up on your screen during the autumn, asking you to update your operating system. You can decide for yourself when to carry out the update. However, there will be a deadline, after which the update will take place automatically.
  2. If your Mac is not registered at AU IT and has therefore not been moved to uni.au.dk, the update of the operating system cannot be automatically carried out via a pop-up window. Your Mac will therefore have to be sent to IT Support.

If your Mac is not registered at AU IT, please contact ST IT Support, which will make a note of the job and contact you when it is convenient to update your Mac.

Please note that AU IT only supports versions 10.11.6 El Capitan and 10.12.6 Sierra. If your Mac does not support these systems, it must be replaced or isolated on a laboratory network.

ST IT Support has spent considerable resources since spring to update several thousand Windows computers – a job that is much more extensive at ST than at the other faculties. It is therefore only possible to a limited extent to make a start on Mac and Unix/Linux.

Find out whether your Mac is registered

To find out whether your Mac is registered at AU IT, open Finder and choose the Applications folder. Here you can find Managed Software Centre if your Mac is registered at AU IT.

Questions and help

If you have any questions or require help, please contact ST IT Support.

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