Update and replacement of computers at ST

With regard to IT security and to make the implementation of a single sign-on (SSO) solution easier, a considerable number of computers at Science and Technology (ST) will be reinstalled or replaced by the end of the year. ST is subsidising the replacements of computers older than 4 years at its departments and centres to the tune of DKK 3,000 each.

2017.05.19 | Christina Troelsen

Cyber attacks against organisations are becoming more and more common, as mentioned recently in the media – and Aarhus University (AU) is no exception.

The Senior Management Team at AU agreed on a plan this spring to clear out old computers, which are most vulnerable to attacks, and convert all computers to the common UNI-AD system by 31 December 2017. In addition to facilitating the ongoing update of systems, the transition to UNI-AD means that AU is one step closer to SSO, i.e. one username for most systems. Some of the new administrative systems already require the installation of UNI-AD on their computers. AD is short for Active Directory – a system that handles usernames, access control and passwords, etc.

  • The following requirements must be met on computers that use Windows at AU:
  • The computer must not be older than 4 years
  • The computer must run Windows 10
  • The computer must have an AU-administered antivirus program installed
  • Due to a future encryption option, the computer must have a solid-state drive (SSD) with at least 256 GB storage

For each staff member, this means that:

1. If your Windows computer complies with the above-mentioned technical requirements, but does not run Windows 10 or is not in UNI-AD, it will need to be reinstalled with Windows 10 and connected to UNI-AD


2. If your Windows computer does not meet the above-mentioned technical requirements, a new computer must be purchased and the old one returned to IT Support

The UNI-AD requirement also applies to Mac and Unix-based computers, most of which do not need to be reinstalled. However, the same requirements apply regarding upgrading to the latest version of the operating system and an AU-administered antivirus program.

If your computer cannot be upgraded because it operates special laboratory equipment, for example, it must be isolated from the network. The IT support team will help you find the most appropriate solution.

ST IT Support still needs to convert approximately 3,000 computers to UNI-AD – about 1,000 of these will be new computers.

Please contact IT Support if you are unsure whether your computer meets the technical requirements.

Subsidised purchase of new computers

The Faculty Management Team has decided to subsidise the departments and centres at ST with DKK 3,000 when purchasing a new computer and returning the old one – equivalent to approximately 60% of the price of a medium-sized standard laptop. The reimbursement will be paid during autumn 2017 after agreement with each department individually.

IT Support will make arrangements with the secretariat manager of each department or centre for review of the computers and reinstalment or replacement if necessary. Please contact IT Support if you have any questions or would like your computer to be reinstalled or replaced as soon as possible. Find contact information for your local IT Support here.

With regard to information security at AU, it is important that the update and replacement of computers at ST is supported, even though day-to-day activities may be disrupted and extraordinary efforts are required in some cases. ST IT Support will endeavour to carry out the work as smoothly as possible.

Read more about the general agreement here (available in English soon).

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