Our economic challenges demand staff reductions at Science and Technology

Announcement from Dean Niels Christian Nielsen

2014.02.20 | Heidi Søndergaard

Dean Niels Christian Nielsen

To balance revenue and expenses and thereby ensure a secure economic foundation for the future, Science and Technology has to carry out permanent expenditure cuts amounting to DKK 65.5 million. Added to that are local economic challenges related to issues such as coverage of fixed expenses (inddækningskrav), obligations to public authorities, foundations, etc. A balanced economy is necessary to ensure continued high-quality education, research, collaboration with industry and public consultancy.

To achieve the expenditure cuts, we have examined the economy of the faculty, the departments and centres and adjusted accordingly. Regrettably, massive payroll cost reductions are unavoidable. Science and Technology will have to part with approximately 149 employees, 63 of whom have agreed to voluntary redundancy packages and 23 will enter into senior schemes. This reduces the number of proposed staff reductions to 63. The reductions encompass members of the academic staff as well as technical and administrative employees.

It is a grave situation to be in, to have to part with so many employees. Naturally, it will be especially hard on those we say goodbye to, but all of Science and Technology and all employees will be affected.

I realise the process thus far has been tough and the time to come will be no less difficult. It is extremely important we remember to take care of each other and strive to be good colleagues.

Dean Niels Christian Nielsen

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