ST maintains room temperature at 21°C

In compliance with the energy-saving requirement, the Faculty Management Team has decided to keep the room temperature at 21°C both now and in the future, as recommended by the Danish Working Environment Authority.

2017.10.11 | Christina Troelsen

Just over a year ago, the Faculty Management Team decided to implement a number of energy-saving initiatives to contribute to the overall cost-cutting requirements at Science and Technology. This meant that the room temperature in the faculty’s buildings was reduced to the current 21°C and that the heating was turned off during the period from 15 May to 1 October. A number of technical initiatives were also launched to meet the cost-cutting requirements.

After several enquiries from the departments, ST Building Services has been working on adjustments to the technical installations, including heating control. The aim is to ensure a comfortable temperature, including the cold periods after the summer warmth.

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If you experience any errors or deficiencies in the heating system in individual rooms or your building, it is important to report it to your area at ST Building Services. The ongoing optimisation will contribute to the complete implementation and maintenance of the savings in the long run.

You can help by following some good advice:

  • Keep the radiator thermostat to a maximum of 3.5
  • Close the office doors
  • Turn off the radiators when airing out your office for extended periods

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