ST SUMMER HANGOUT – festive atmosphere, high spirits and summer weather

There were 1,300 members of staff taking part in Science and Technology’s annual summer celebration on Friday 25 August 2017. The new concept for the celebration was a great success, with team activities during the afternoon and a festive atmosphere at the harbourside near the Navitas Building. See photos and a video from the celebration.

2017.09.04 | Christina Troelsen

The ST SUMMER HANGOUT was held in brilliant summer weather at the Navitas Building at the Port of Aarhus. (Photo: dypång management)

There was fierce competition in the sports disciplines. (Photo: dypång management)

Hammering nails was a popular discipline with many competitors. (Photo: dypång management)

True to tradition, the dean presented six ST Awards. This year’s winners pictured with the dean. Front from left: Vice-Dean Kurt Nielsen, Professor Mogens Sandø Lund (ST Industrial Collaboration Award), PhD student William Joyce (ST Talent Award), Professor Lars Hestbjerg Hansen (ST Science Award), Engineer Jacques Chevallier (ST TAP Award), Professor Hanne Damgaard Poulsen (ST Public Sector Consultancy Award) and Associate Professor Ditlev Egeskov Brodersen (ST Education Award). Back from left: Vice-Dean Finn Borchsenius, Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen and Vice-Dean Søren Keiding. (Photo: dypång management)

After a somewhat dubious Danish summer, Friday 25 August turned out to be very warm and summery, with radiant sunshine and calm conditions at the Navitas Building, which can frequently be blustery. The festivities kicked off at 14.00, after which there were team activities at Navitas and the nearby city areas, where the Aarhus Festival was just beginning.

The teams could choose between competing with each other in different sports disciplines, experiencing cultural attractions in the city, or sitting in the sun with a beer or a cup of coffee, listening to live music with colleagues, with a view of Dannebrog – the royal yacht, which had berthed at the recently opened local harbour areas.

The staff were very keen to beat their colleagues, especially in the sporting activities, including the more festive disciplines such as hammering nails into wood. Some are no doubt already planning to take revenge next year?

The day concluded as night fell with dinner, entertainment, presentation of the ST Awards and music, while some continued partying just around the corner in the Aarhus city centre.




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