Status on the division of ST

The Rector has completed his round at the departments and the proposal for the division of the faculty will now be presented to the board. Then the proposal will be sent in consultation.

2019.04.11 | Christina Troelsen

Science and Technology. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU

The proposal for a division of Science and Technology will now be presentet for the University Board. Then the proposal will be sent in consultation. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU

During the month of March, Rector Brian Bech Nielsen has been visiting all the departments and larger units at ST to present his outline for how ST should be divided into two faculties and to discuss it with the employees.

The rector and faculty management have subsequently discussed and adopted a final proposal for the division. Rector will present the proposal to the University Board at the board meeting 25. April 2019.

After that, the plan is that the proposal will be sent in consultation at ST and the other faculties at the end of April.

The consultation process at ST will include departments and other major units with the involvement of institutional forums and local liaison committee (LSUs), the Academic Council, the Faculty Liaison Committee (FSU), the Faculty Occupational Health and Safety Committee (FAMU). The students will also be involved.

See timetable and read more at the webpage: Process for future organisation of ST


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