Profile your research: make your articles freely available

With Open Access, you can raise the profile of your research and you can meet the requirements imposed by many national and international foundations. At the same time you will be complying with the national Open Access policy and Aarhus University's internal Open Access policy.

2018.09.19 | Christina Troelsen

The University Park. Photo: Maria Randima, AU Photo

Photo: Maria Randima, AU Photo

Open Access is open and free-of-charge access to publicly funded research, i.e. open access to read and use scientific information, including the possibility of downloading scientific publications.

Open Access offers direct access to published research results for everyone. Access does not depend on whether people subscribe to a journal, either personally or via their library. 

What should you do as a researcher?

All you need to do as a researcher is to see whether one of your publications is on the list that will be sent out by AU Library ST in November. If it is on the list, you should then send the accepted manuscript to AU Library ST through the OA Submission Form.

AU Library ST aims to make as much of ST's research as possible freely available in PURE, but we need help from departments and researchers. Therefore, at the beginning of November we will be sending out department-specific lists of the publications where we assess it will be possible to make the accepted manuscripts available legally. (Read here: What is an accepted manuscript? )

If you have any queries, or if there is a need for AU Library ST to come and hold a brief presentation of the Open Access process with an opportunity for questions, please feel free to contact Morten Hjorth Gad

Find more information on the AU webpage on Open Access. The page contains answers to many questions, details on AU's Open Access policy, and descriptions of some of your colleagues’ experience with Open Access.

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