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Process for future organisation of ST

Rector Bech Nielsen has initiated a process aimed at splitting Science and Technology into two faculties. The purpose is to make the dean’s leadership task more manageable, which in turn would improve quality and create better balance at the university as a whole. This page will provide you with information about the process.

Decision by the AU Board 7 June

The AU Board has approved the division of Science and Technology along disciplinary lines. This means that the process of recruiting two new deans can begin and the administrative division of the faculty can be initiatated, including the establishment of working groups for each administrative area as well as for shared functions, for example the PhD programmes, the structure of the boards of studies and ST Learning Lab.
The names of the two new faculties have not been decided yet. The ST faculty management team will develop new proposals for the names of the two faculties that will be submitted to and approved by the senior management team.
Read mail to all ST staff on 7 June.

See below a short video with rector Brian Bech Nielsen commenting on the division of the faculty and the upcoming process. (English subtitles available).

Video with Rector Brian Bech Nielsen about the decision 7 June 2019. English subtitles available via Settings > Subtitles in Youtube.

Consultation process at all of AU

The model described above for dividing Science and Technology into two new faculties has been presented to the AU Board. The proposal is now being submitted for a broad consultation process to the whole university until 20 May.

The consultation includes:

At ST, all departments and units, the Academic Council, the administrative centre, the Dean’s Office, the Faculty Liaison Committee, FAMU, the study committee and the students will be involved in the consultation. At ST’s departments and in the administrative centre, the local liaison committee will also be included. On the other three faculties relevant parties will be involved in the consultation, including the Faculty management team, the academic councils and liaison committees. In the Administration, there will be the involvement of LEA and ASU. HSU will also be involved. Student organisations will also be heard.

Further process for the division
On 7 June, the AU Board will make the final decision on dividing ST. If the Board approves the proposal, a number of working groups will be set up in the autumn to submit proposals for administrative support for the two new faculties.

Staff meeting 19 February

At the staff meeting, the rector presented the underlying reasons for splitting ST in two faculties and the timetable for the process, which for the academic and organizational part is expected to be in place during 2019, and in 2020 for the administrative area.

(The meeting was held in Danish, but the slides were in English)

Video from the staff meeting 19 February about the division of ST into two faculties.

Timetable for the process

  • 19/2: Staff meeting with ST employees
  • 20/2-5/3: Faculty Management Team and rector discuss possibilities and come up with a proposal
  • 5/3-28/3: Rector visits all ST departments and the administrative center to discuss the proposal with the staff
  • 28/3-8/4: Faculty Management Team and rector reflect on input and agree on refined proposal
  • 25/4: Board meeting: Proposal is presented
  • 26/4-20/5: Consulting process with stakeholders at ST (”hearing”)
  • 22/5: Senior management team refines proposal based on input
  • 7/6: Board meeting: The board decides on new faculty structure
  • August: Announcement of the two dean positions
  • 1/1-2020: New deans are expected to be in place
  • December 2019.: Decision about future organisation of the administration center
  • 2020: Potentially a year where the two faculties are served by the current administration center
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