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Psychological WPA 2015/2016 at ST

The results of the psychological workplace assessment (WPA) 2015/2016 will be published on 19 May 2016. Follow-up work will commence once the results have been published. The initial focus will be on dialogue meetings, where it will be possible to go into more depth, make comments and contribute with proposals for improving the work environment. Action plans will subsequently be drawn up and necessary initiatives put into action.

A psychological WPA working group has been appointed at ST with a view to coordinating and communicating the faculty’s follow-up on the results of the psychological WPA. This will ensure the optimum involvement of staff, management, occupational health and safety committees, liaison committees and AU HR in the process. The working group was appointed by the Faculty Liaison Committee (FSU) and the Faculty Occupational Health and Safety Committee (FAMU), and is composed of nine members, representing both management and staff.

At ST, the Local Liaison Committee (LSU) and the Local Occupational Health and Safety Committee (LAMU) will collaborate with the working group and the dean to ensure that the contents of the WPA are properly dealt with. The most important task will be to ensure that a local action plan is prepared at each department to follow up on the WPA. If you are a member of staff and have any questions or comments regarding the process and the WPA, please contact your union representative, occupational health and safety representative or manager.

ST’s working group will coordinate the follow-up work at the departments on an ongoing basis and will implement any relevant measures that cut across faculties and/or departments.

The WPA process at ST

The process plan for the psychological 2015/2016 at ST (see below) provides a summary of how the process will proceed from beginning to end.

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