Mandalay garden furniture

Mandalay garden furniture is high quality, great design, good prices, and fast delivery right to your door step.

We have a large selection og high quality garden furniture from the classical Marguerit retro garden furniture to the elegant tables, chairs, benches, pillows, and parasols from Glatz.

At Mandalay garden furniture you can fint the genuine Marquerit retro classic. We have through the years developed the Marguerit garden furniture and you can therefore get both chairs, cafe tables, garden tables in four sizes, garden benches and of course the Marguerit Kids garden furniture.

Find the offer here (in DK only, but a colleague will help you translate)

You can find the entire range of garden furniture here

Vin & Vin

Vin og Vin logo
Vin og Vin logo

Vin & Vin is a wine shop for both private and business costumers. High quality and service is their highest priority and they can help you select the best wine to your event or menu and to you liking. Always at the best price.

As member of the Staff Club Foulum you will get a 10 % discount on all purchases.

Address: Vin & Vin, Koldingvej 73, 880 Viborg.

Vin & Vin Viborg

The Glassworks Lofstad

The Glassworks Lofstad logo
The Glassworks Lofstad logo

The Glassworks Lofstad in Viborg - always worth a visit. Here you can find unique glass art and glass products.

As member of Staff Club Foulum you will a 10 % discount on purchases above 500Dkr.

At the Glassworks Lofstad you can also try working with the glass yourself at e.g. stag/hen nights or a social event with your colleagues.

Address: The Glassworks Lofstad, Trekronervej 8C, 8800 Viborg

Glassworks Lofstad

Danish Carglass

Danish Carglass Logo
Danish Carglass Logo

Danish Carglass gives you 20 % discount on all jobs.  Danish Carglass delivers car window in original glass quality, that is why you can safely get your car window´s replaced at Danish Carglass Viborg.

The discount at Danish Carglass is valid to all Danish divisions. When you make an enquiry you have to use your membership card together with agreement no. 89323188.  

Address: Dansk Bilglas, Gl. Århusvej 21A, 8800 Viborg

Dansk Bilglas

Viborg Kitchen

Viborg Kitchen logo
Viborg Kitchen logo

Viborg Kitchen can help you to design a new kitchen adjusted precisely to your room.

Lars Hede, the owner of Viborg Kitchen has more than 20 years of experience with decoration and installation of kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe.

As a member of the Staff Club Viborg Kitchen gives you 20-25 % discount.

Leaflet from Viborg Kitchen

Address: Viborg Køkken, Nymarksvej 1, 8800 Viborg

Viborg Kitchen

Falk Lauritsen Travel | Apollo Travel

Apollo Travel logo
Apollo Travel logo

The Staff Club has signed a corporate agreement with Apollo Travel, they have new offer app. every 14 day.

By default the offers are first come, first served. If you are interested in going on a holiday, then keep an eye on their website with the offers. Suddenly you can find a travel, which you want to book.

 Up to date offers form Apollo Travel HER.

NOTE: the travel has to be booked at Apollo Travel, phone no.: 7013 3300.

In order to get the discount remember to use the Staff Club´s special agreement no.: 900279

XL-DIGES Tømmergården

XL-DIGES Tømmergård gives you 10 % discount on products and materials, when you show your membership card. You cannot get discount on electric  machines and electric tools.

Address:Randersvej 63-65, 8800  Viborg

XL-DIGES Tømmergården

Himmerland Footbaal/golf

Himmerland Footbaal/golf logo
Himmerland Footbaal/golf logo

Associate  professor Jan Værum Nørgaard from ANIS, organise Himmerland Football/golf in Nørager. As a member of the Staff Club you will get 20 % discount. Groups more than 20 persons get 25 % discount.

Address: Mejlbyvej 125, 9610 Nørager.

Himmerland Football/golf

Baran Clothes

Baran Clothes logo
Baran Clothes logo

At Baran´s Clothes you can get 20 % discount as a member of the Staff Club, e.g. work clothes, waterproof suit and sports wear. Please call and ask for our range of clothes.

Address: Flakkebjerg Hovedgade 2B, Flakkebjerg, 4200  Slagelse

Baran Beklædning

MM Tire

MM Tire logo
MM Tire logo

Are your car ready for the season ? As a member of the Staff Club MM Tire give you 20 % discount on all types of tyre.

MM Tire install tire on your car while you are at work.

Call: 60134701/51740030 or write to: for a price.

Address: Blichers Alle 2, 8830 Tjele. You can borrow a bicycle to get to work, while MM Tire work on your car.


Hovwdiaudi - the car specialist

Hovwdiaudi - the car specialist logo
Hovwdiaudi - the car specialist logo

Hovwdiaudi - the car specialist give you significant discounts on different tires, wheele rims and reparations of cars if you are a member of the Staff Club.

"JYSK Autoudstyr A/S offer e.g. car service and change of tire together with preparing of the car. They sell among other thing navigation, radio/CD, speakers and wear parts.

You can get 20 -30% discount, just remember to give the account no.: 82828282 and remember your Staff Club card.

Address: Vognmagervej 14, 8800 Viborg.

Bilspecialisten Hovwdiaudi

picture of Vejrumbro Car Painting & Undercoating
Picture of Vejrumbro Car Painting & Undercoating

Vejrumbro Car Painting & Undercoating

Vejrumbro car painting & undercoating give you 10 % discount as a member of the Staff Club. Please present your Staff Club card.

Address: Østervangsvej 13, 8830 Tjele.

Vejrumbro Autolakering & Undervognscenter

Villys Undercoating

Villys Undercoating logo
Villys Undercoating logo

Villys Undercoating in Viborg give 10 % discount to the members of the Staff Club. Please present your Staff Club card.

Address: Blytækkervej 4 - 8800 Viborg

Villys Undervognsservice

Flügger Color, Møldrup

Flügger Color logo
Flügger Color logo

At Flügger Color Møldrup you always get 15 % discount on paint and

Hos Flügger farver Møldrup får du altid 15% rabat på maling og tilbehør. Ved fremvisning af dit medlemskort får du udleveret et Flüggerkort som du også kan bruge i Boutique Unique (se herunder).

Adresse: Nørregade 22, 9632 Møldrup.

Flügger farver

Jespers Tire & Autoservice

Jespers Tire & Autoservice carry out all types of reparations and services on all kind of car brands - also within the guarantee period. We offer members of the Staff Club 10 % discount on the final cost. Call for a great price on tires and wheel. We offer a free loaner car -free pickup or delivery of the car at your workplace.

Address: Jespers Tire & Autoservice, Burrehøjvej 20, 8830 Tjele

v/ Jesper Laustsen
Phone 52398150

Bjørk´s therapy and well-being

picture of Bjørk´s therapy and well-being
Bjørk Bonnichsen

30 % discount - on all treatments.

Bjørk Bonnichsen provides treatments in KST (Craniosacral Therapy) and Painkillers-BMS acupuncture (Body Map Systems), this can be combined with NASA (ear-acupuncture).

Find more information on Bjørk´s website: or phone 6133 1580

Bjørk provides the treatments in the Health Care House; Toldboden 1, 8800  Viborg and in his clinic; Fjordvænget 24, 8832 Skals or you may get the treatment at your own house.

If you are a member of the Staff Club in Foulum you are able to get your treatments on Tuesdays in Foulum, price 75 DKK per session.

For more information see