Stretch out when you can

Stretch out when you can

In connection with our work behind the computer or in the laboratory many of us here at AU-Foulum may experience a sore back, neck, or shoulders. It is therefore a good idea to stand up and stretch your body a few time during the day.

We have found a few exercises, which may help decrease the such soreness. The exercises are meant as an inspiration to get off the chair and stretch your body, so you'll be ready to continue your work. The exercises are easy and can be done in your office. There are three posters with exercises, but you don't have to follow the numbering on the poster or do all the exercises on each poster every time. Just choose a few exercises when you have the time for it.

The exercises can obviously not replace you changing your working position and doing them does not mean that you can or should accept a less than optimal working position. The exercises may not all be for everybody and you should always evaluate yourself if an exercise is right for you.

You are welcome to print the poster out at place them on your poster board, near your computer, or in your coffee corner.

Click on the pictures to the right to download a pdf of the poster.

The best way to avoid soreness related to your work is to be in good physical form and if you want more training you are very welcome to join the fitness class. If you prefer to workout alone you can use the Gym in F32. You can find more information on the F32 fitness class and fitness facilities in the menu to the left.