The Board

About the Staff Club

Who are we?

The goal of the Staff Club is to plan, organize and host social event for all employees at AU Foulum. All our event are open for everybody - both permanent staff and students.

The Board of Staff Club are all volunteers and we do it because we think it if fun and really want to see you all at social events. We do it because we think, it makes AU Foulum and even better place to work.

The Staff Club is responsible for maintaining F32 and for all new purchases to it.


The Staff Club typically hosts 2-4 exciting talk per year. In addition to that we have been organized wine tastings, pub crawl, Nisse Run, 24Hour Run, and parties for everybody at AU Foulum.

If you have an idea for an event, you are very welcome to plan and host it. Your event has to be approved by the Staff Club Board if you need financial support for it. Please contact the Staff Club Board if you are considering this. As a general rule, we are very happy to support events, with the condition that the event is open for all members of the Staff Club


So if you want to be a part of making AU Foulum a fun place to work and join all the exciting events, do not hesitate to join Staff Club.

The Board can always use more good people.

If you want to join the Staff Club Board, please contact one of the member. You are also very welcome just to help with the events. Contact us and we'll make it happen :)