Campus 2.0 at Nat and Tech

As part of a general user-involvement process all staff and students have the opportunity to submit input to the University Board on the overall needs associated with Campus 2.0.  This consultation period lasts until November 1 2018, where the faculty's input to the overall development will proceed to the Board.  

Therefore, the faculty would like to invite all staff and students to meetings on Campus 2.0, where there will be a review and a discussion of ST's building plans. There will be three meetings and an online meeting in English:

Meetings at ST on Campus 2.0

Foulum 24 September

Foulum on 24 September at 10.30 - 12.00 in Auditorium 8814-3075. This meeting is primarily aimed at students and staff at ANIS, AGRO, DCA and FOOD as well as ST Administrative Centre Foulum.  

Katrinebjerg 1 October

Katrinebjerg on 1 October at 11.00 - 12.30 in the Main Hall, Nordre Ringgade 4, 1412-129B. NB: The meeting about Katrinebjerg will be held in the Main Hall, as all lecture theatres at Katrinebjerg are being used for teaching on this day. 
The meeting is primarily aimed at students and staff at ASE, ENG and CS.  

Online video meeting in English 24 October - You are also welcome in person!

Online video meeting in English on 24 October at 16.30 - 18.00.

NOTE: You are also welcome to attend the meeting in person in Auditorium E (1533-103)

The video streaming will be available on this link (the link will be activated when the meeting starts).  

It will be possible to ask questions via SMS during the meeting.  

University Park 25 October

University Park on 25 October at 11.45 - 13.15 in the Main Hall, Nordre Ringgade 4, 1412-129B. The meeting is primarily aimed at students and staff at PHYS, GEOS, CHEM, MATH, MBG, BIOS, INANO, FOOD, ANIS, AGRO, DCE as well as ST Administrative Centre Aarhus.  


With the acquisition of the former municipal hospital area, which will be called University City, AU has had a unique opportunity to gather and strengthen a number of education and research activities at the central campus in Aarhus. Therefore, the university board has adopted a master plan for the university's physical development in the coming years, called Campus 2.0.  

For ST, the masterplan offers the opportunity to consolidate it's Aarhus activities on campus and at Katrinebjerg. At the same time, it will be possible to move some activities from ST's other locations to Aarhus. Here below you can get an overview of the consequences of Campus 2.0 for ST.

Campus 2.0: What will happen at ST?

MBG moves to University City

All activities at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG) will be gathered at one location, rather than the current dispersed locations in Aarhus and Foulum. This means MBG will be the first department to move into University City. The department is scheduled to take over the buildings at the northern end of the hospital area in 2021. The department is already involving local users as part of the preparations for the relocation.  

Activities will be moved from Kalø, Silkeborg and Foulum

Moving MBG out of the current buildings in the University Park and the Science Park on Gustav Wieds Vej "uncorks" opportunities to reshuffle and consolidate activities. The premises left behind by MBG in Biokæden will be taken over by the Department of Bioscience (BIOS), which can then move its activities from Silkeborg and Kalø to the University Park. Department of Agroecology (AGRO), Department of Animal Science (ANIS) and Department of Food (FOOD) will move their teaching activities from Katrinebjerg to the University Park, which will help create the foundation for a strong life science cluster across the University Park between MBG, BIOS, AGRO and Biomedicin.

Engineering activities to move from Navitas to Katrinebjerg and the Science Park

Navitas will be left and the engineering activities currently at Navitas relocated and combined with the engineering activities at Katrinebjerg. Gathering engineers at Katrinebjerg will strengthen and further develop the area as the AU hub for digitalisation, digital design, information studies and engineering, and it will help support the university's digitalisation strategy and focus on engineering.  

The sites left vacant by MBG in the Science Park will be taken over by engineering activities within biotechnology and chemical technology, and these will then become more closely linked to the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO), the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Physics and Astronomy.   

Strongly integrated teaching environment in the University Park


The extensive teaching facilities and proximity to cafeteria and other study facilities in the buildings in and around Ny Munkegade, which currently house the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and the Department of Chemistry, mean that the premises already function as a centre for teaching. 

ST takes over Kasernen 

The Faculty of Arts leaves Kasernen (approx. 2025), and the premises can be transferred to ST.