ST Awards 2019

Recognition is important. Recognition is the key to what motivates us to make great efforts. Recognition of specific achievements focuses attention on our values. Giving recognition is something we are not always good enough at doing in our busy lives. This is something where there is much room for improvement.

To celebrate members of staff who have made great efforts – generally and during the year that has passed since last year’s summer celebration – we present six prizes that give recognition. The six prizes are awarded in different areas, and each one consists of a diploma and the sum of DKK 10,000. The six prizes are:

See below who the award winners 2019 are and why they each receive an award.

Lars H. Andersen

ST TAP Award

Søren Poulsen received the ST TAP Award 2019. Photo: dypång management

The ST TAP Award 2019 goes to  Special Consultant Søren Poulsen from the Department of Computer Science.

Over the past 12 years, Søren has made a unique contribution to the Department of Computer Science. The department's great success in attracting more students is to a great extent due to the outreach activities initiated and led by Søren. Søren is extremely inventive. Among other things, he has helped develop, and currently manages, the department's local hub for entrepreneurs - HatchIt Lab. He was also behind the initiative for the Katrinebjerg Career Day (K-day), which in just a few years has grown into Denmark's biggest IT career fair. Furthermore, he has helped develop and implement the department's strategy for business collaboration, including a new Business Club for IT companies and industry.

ST Science Award

Katrin Vorkamp received the ST Science Award 2019 . Photo: dypång management

The ST Science Award 2019 goes to Senior Researcher Katrin Vorkamp from the Department of Environmental Science.

Katrin receives the ST Science Award for her unique work on understanding the presence and dispersion of environmentally hazardous substances in Arctic environments. Katrin made a name for herself on the international stage very early, with her research into brominated flame retardants in the Greenlandic environment. Since then, she has earned great international recognition from leading research institutions.
She was recently given a task lead position on the EU project, HUMAN BIOMONITORING FOR EUROPE.
Katrin is also a popular lecturer, and feedback she received after a lecture last year included: "Your presentation was absolutely Fabulous!! Easy to understand; well prepared; not too fast and a clear compact message."

ST Public Sector Consultancy Award

Anja Brinch Riber received the ST Public Sector Consultancy Award 2019. Photo: dypång management

The ST Public Sector Consultancy Award 2019 goes to Senior Researcher Anja Brinch Riber from the Department of Animal Science.

Over several years, Anja has completed many major public sector consultancy assignments on animal welfare for poultry. Some assignments have involved knowledge synthesis, while others have been complex research projects.
The area has a great deal of political attention, and Anja has skilfully enforced the arm's length principle in relation to an industry that has put enormous personal pressure on her. The assignments have been delivered on time, despite large and numerous challenges lying outside Anja's hands – including outbreaks of avian influenza.

ST Industrial Collaboration Award

Rikke Louise Meyer received the ST Industrial Collaboration Award 2019. Photo: dypång management

The ST Industrial Collaboration Award 2019 goes to Associate Professor Rikke Louise Meyer from iNANO.

Rikke has a unique talent to link ground-breaking research with solutions to urgent societal challenges. She has managed to attract corporate interest to her research, and she has established research collaboration with no fewer than nine major national and international companies. Rikke has also developed the Erhvervsprojekt (business project) course at the Department of Bioscience, which provides students with an opportunity to carry out a research project in close collaboration with a company.  We are deeply impressed by her research and teaching achievements, by her ability to collaborate with the surrounding community and by her unique collegiality.

ST Education Award

Jacob Arnbjerg received the ST Education Award 2019. Photo: dypång management

The ST Education Award 2019 goes to Associate Professor Jacob Arnbjerg, Aarhus University School of Engineering.

Jacob is a somewhat out of the ordinary lecturer. His commitment is phenomenal, and he has a fantastic ability to communicate his extensive knowledge clearly and comprehensibly. Jacob manages to generate interest in the deep theoretical topics in the field of chemistry and process engineering, and he is good at demonstrating how the material he teaches can be applied in the real world. His students greatly appreciate that Jacob involves them in his teaching planning from semester to semester and they like his ability to weave humour into his teaching, with expressions such as: "Now you’ve got five minutes to let the material sediment".

The students call him a world-class lecturer.

Jacob is a firebrand in every way, and he fully deserves the ST Education Award.

ST Talent Award

Mikkel Slot Nielsen received the ST Talent Award 2019. Photo: dypång management

The ST Talent Award 2019 goes to Postdoc Mikkel Slot Nielsen from the Department of Mathematics.

Mikkel's PhD research was concerned with the understanding of time-series data, such as data from climate studies and from analysing stock exchange movements over time. Mikkel has demonstrated impressive creativity and a great ability to solve deep and complex mathematical problems. He has been able to use his theoretical knowledge to solve specific problems, and this is illustrated by a highly successful industrial collaboration with Vestas. Mikkel's results have been collated in no less than nine articles, and in collaboration with another PhD student, he has also written a 196-page monograph published in World Scientific. This is an extraordinary performance, even compared with the very best PhD students from the absolute top universities.

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