Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen, Science and Technology. Photo: Anders Trærup

2017.06.27 | Staff

The dean’s summer greeting 2017

“We have a strong ST, which is well prepared for the future,” says Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen, who wishes all staff and students a good summer.

Computer Science is one of the degree programmes that will use the new admission system for quota 2 students from 2018. Photo: Lars Kruse

2017.06.29 | Staff

Work commences on new admission system

As previously announced, ST has decided to implement a new admission system, which will initially be used in connection with intakes of quota 2 students in Computer Science, IT and Physics degree programmes from 2018.

2017.06.28 | Public / media, Staff

Aarhus University surprised by ministry’s plan to subject public sector consultancy to competitive bidding

The research consultancy services performed by Aarhus University for government agencies and ministries are a good deal for society and give politicians a strong foundation of knowledge. The university finds it surprising that these services will now be subject to competitive bidding.

2017.06.28 | Staff

Get help to analyse biological material

At the Department of Forensic Medicine (Health) at Aarhus University, the Bioanalytical Unit specialises in supplying custom analytical methods for virtually everything – provided it has been alive.

2017.06.27 | Staff

Using mobile phones abroad

The rules on roaming in the EU have been standardised. Below, you will find information and advice on the use of mobile phones abroad and data usage.

2017.06.22 | Staff

Aarhus engineer honoured for his waste research

A young researcher at Aarhus University is working on completely eliminating waste production in the plant oil refining industry. This has just led to three international honorary awards.

2017.06.20 | Staff

New professor focuses on brain cells

Sune Nørhøj Jespersen is a new professor of neurophysics at Aarhus University. With his multidisciplinary combination of neuroscience and physics, he hopes to develop technology that can diagnose brain diseases both earlier and more precisely.

2017.06.16 | Staff

Registration open for the summer celebration: ST Summer Hangout

Remember to register for the Summer Hangout by 23 June at the latest. The celebration will be held on 25 August.

(Photo: Colourbox)

2017.06.19 | Public / media, Staff

Unorthodox research ideas awarded DKK 15.1 million

The VILLUM Experiment has been awarded for the first time to a number of researchers at Danish universities. Eight researchers at Science and Technology have received a total of DKK 15.1 million – earmarked for bold and radical research ideas.

2017.06.19 | Staff, Public / media

Digitisation initiative at Aarhus University is very important for ST

By 2023, Science and Technology will be educating twice as many digitisation specialists as at present.

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