2017.05.25 | Public / media, Staff

Aarhus University Research Foundation prize awarded to PhD student in computational chemistry

When Janus Juul Eriksen had to reformulate an existing model for the interaction between the electrons in a molecule, he detected a new and better model. Read more (in Danish only) here.

2017.05.24 | Public / media, Staff

Aarhus University Research Foundation prize awarded to PhD student in nanoscience

Simon Frøhlich has demonstrated the adhesion strategy of the Anomia mollusc. This can pave the way for developing useful new bio-inspired material. Read more (in Danish only) here.

2017.05.25 | Public / media, Staff

Danish engineers at the forefront of advancing biorefinery from theory to practice

A new biorefinery centre will bridge the gap between the laboratory, research and industrial application.

“We’re right up front with the necessary development – the Central Denmark Region has been singled out as one of just eight European pioneer regions in bioeconomy. Today we’re starting a new chapter with this centre, which is based on research activities at Aarhus University. The aim is to gather everything on one platform and boost development. Congratulations to us all on the new Centre for Circular Bioeconomy,” said Rector Brian Bech Nielsen. (All photos: Lars Kruse, AU Communication)
“Today’s opening of the Centre for Circular Bioeconomy marks the beginning of a new strategic initiative for the faculty. The centre is actually the first of a total of seven interdisciplinary thematic centres that we’re establishing at Science and Technology with a view to achieving leading positions in Denmark and abroad regarding grand challenges and a number of growth technology areas,” said Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen. 
“With this initiative, Aarhus University is taking an important step for Denmark’s international profile in this field, as well as sending a very strong signal to the business sector . We live in a global economy and there is competition in the field. To be a winner requires intense collaboration between disciplines and cutting across companies,” said Chairman of the Regional Council Bent Hansen (Danish Social Democrats).
The official opening took place with the help of hand-held clippers, where (from left) Harry Barraza (Arla Foods), Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen, Flemming Besenbacher (Danish Government Advisory Board for Circular Economy), Rector Brian Bech Nielsen, and Centre Director Uffe Jørgensen each cut the ribbon in the form of a tuft of grass. The Centre for Circular Bioeconomy was thereby declared open.
Following the cutting ceremony, there was a guided tour of a number of the facilities that will contribute to research. Here is one of the recent results from feeding experiments with green protein and pulp from grass and clover for cows, pigs and poultry, which could possibly create a basis for the feed products of the future.
“Smile!” There were plenty of opportunities to get up close.
Visitors could also get very close to the latest techniques in biorefinery.
The day concluded with a ‘circular meal’ consisting of sustainable ingredients.

2017.05.24 | Staff, Science and Technology

Well-attended opening of the Centre for Circular Bioeconomy

Tuesday 23 May marked the kick-off of a new strategic research centre that will be the first of a total of seven thematic research centres to be established at Science and Technology. The Centre for Circular Bioeconomy has the clear aim of ensuring synergy and interdisciplinary research projects in the area of bioeconomy, as well as strengthening…

Hans Brix and Peter Henriksen have extended their positions as heads of the Department of Bioscience up to 2020. Photo: AU Communication

2017.05.24 | Staff

Extension of tenure for heads of Department of Bioscience

Peter Henriksen and Hans Brix have extended their positions as heads of department for a three-year period from 1 June 2017 to 2020.

2017.05.24 | Public / media, Staff, Business

Centre for Circular Bioeconomy inaugurated at Aarhus University

The world is facing a number of global grand challenges, particularly regarding the establishment of a new biobased economy that can take over from fossil energy. Bioeconomy is attracting considerable international attention, and is a strategic priority for the EU. On this basis, Science and Technology is now opening the Centre for Circular…

2017.05.23 | Staff

New leaflets on stress

As part of the follow-up to the 2015/16 psychological workplace assessment (WPA), two new leaflets have been prepared regarding the prevention and management of stress aimed at managers and employees at Science and Technology.

2017.05.23 | Public / media, Staff

Engineers at Aarhus University awarded prestigious prize

In its annual profile analysis, the Danish journal Ingeniøren (The Engineer) has awarded Aarhus University the title ‘high jumper of the year’. The university hereby advances 26 places altogether compared with last year.

2017.05.19 | Staff

Update and replacement of computers at ST

With regard to IT security and to make the implementation of a single sign-on (SSO) solution easier, a considerable number of computers at Science and Technology (ST) will be reinstalled or replaced by the end of the year. ST is subsidising the replacements of computers older than 4 years at its departments and centres to the tune of DKK 3,000…

2017.05.23 | Staff

Major EU grant for research into water technology

Professor Kai Bester, Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University, has received funding for a project on innovative research in water technology to remove micropollutants and microplastics from wastewater.

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