Team ProBio Baby: Niels Hvenegaard Hinrichsen and Kristian Skriver Andersen together with the dean, Kim Andkjaer Harrit from Dupont and a Nova representative (photo: Hanna Bak Andersen) 
Team Water of Good Hope: Jasmine D. Baets, Jaime G. Gracia and Diogo S. Martins, the dean, Maria Würtz Nielsen from Grundfos and a Nova representative (photo: Hanna Bak Andersen) 
Team Wind2Water: Kim J. Paulsen, Janus Kramer Møller and Tiffany Williams together with the dean, Martin Dam Sørensen from Vestas and a Nova representative (photo: Hanna Bak Andersen)

2018.11.01 | Staff

Dean’s Challenge: innovative solutions in the water, on land, and in the air

On Friday 26 October, the Nova students' association held the final of their case competition Dean’s Challenge at Science and Technology for the fourth time. Over 29 days, students had developed innovative solutions to three different cases to help achieve three of the UN Global Development Goals.

New centre leader at iFOOD: Milena Corredig

2018.11.01 | Public / media, Staff

New centre leader at iFOOD

As of November 1, 2018, Milena Corredig is appointed as new Centre Leader for the iFOOD Aarhus University Centre for Innovative Food Research. Milena Corredig has a broad international experience in food research.

Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen is the first Danish researcher to be the corresponding Principal Investigator (cPI) on an ERC Synergy Grant, as well as the first scientist at Aarhus University to be involved in one. Photo: Christine Dilling, AU

2018.10.23 | Public / media, Staff, Grant, Department of Mathematics

Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen wins € 10 million ERC Synergy Grant

The European Research Council (ERC) has granted an ERC Synergy Grant of 10 million Euros to the project “Recursive and Exact New Quantum Theory” (ReNewQuantum), with Professor Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen as the lead Principal Investigator (PI) with Centre for Quantum Geometry of Moduli spaces (QGM), Aarhus University, as corresponding host…

The new science-history exhibition "The Curious Human Being” ('Det nysgerrige menneske') is about human curiosity to understand the physical world around us. Photo: Erik Balle and the Science Museums.
Tobias Wang's bookcase is a treasure trove of strange objects, for example a giraffe skull, the dried stomach of a giant kangaroo, snakes in preservation jars and other exotic delights. It is now part of the 'Science is Passion' exhibition. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU Foto.

2018.10.29 | Staff

Discover two new exhibitions at the Steno Museum

The Science Museums have opened their doors to a brand new science-history exhibition ‘The Curious Human Being’. At almost the same time, another new exhibition has opened under the title ‘Science is Passion - about research life and boiled crabs’.

Alexandre Anesio has been appointed a professor in Arctic biochemistry at the Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University, from 1 November 2018. (Private photo).

2018.10.12 | Staff, Public / media

New professor researches microbial life on the surface of ice

Alexandre Anesio has been appointed Professor in Arctic Biogeochemistry at the Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University from 1 November 2018. He comes from a position at the University of Bristol.

A hoverfly (marked with a red square) pollinating white dryas in southern Greenland. The original idea is to use cameras with automatic insect recognition to register how climate change is affecting the interaction between plants and pollinating insects. Photo: Toke Thomas Høye
Toke Thomas Høye, senior researcher. Photo: Aarhus University

2018.10.11 | Public / media, Staff

Climate researcher from Aarhus University honoured for the original research idea of the year

Toke Thomas Høye, a senior researcher at the Department of Bioscience, becomes the first recipient of a new award from the Independent Research Fund Denmark for this year's original research idea.

Jacob Sherson has been awarded the Grundfos Prize for 2018. (Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo.)

2018.10.12 | Public / media, Staff

Bigger. More. Better.

Professor with special responsibilities Jacob Sherson has a mission; he want to reinvent the way computers and humans interact. He’s reinvented himself a few times along the way, and today he says he’s a sort of version 3.0 of himself. The physicist has now been awarded the 2018 Grundfos Prize of DKK 1 mill. for his work on the interface between…

At the AU annual celebration in 2015, Sir Gregory Winter was appointed an honorary doctor at Aarhus University following a nomination from Science and Technology. He was presented with the doctorate by Dean Niels Christian Nielsen, Science and Technology. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo.

2018.10.09 | Staff, Public / media

Honorary doctor at Aarhus University receives Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Sir Gregory Winter has been awarded a quarter of this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on antibodies. He has been working with AU researchers for many years, and in 2015 he was appointed an honorary doctor at Aarhus University, Science and Technology.

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