Photo: Melissa Bach Yildirim

2019.04.30 | Staff

The DHL Relay Race – a cosy evening with your colleagues

Registration deadline for this year’s DHL Relay Race is 9 May. Register for the race with your colleagues and take this opportunity to meet in the beautiful, green surroundings for a run or walk and some pleasant time together afterwards.

Consultation on proposal to divide the Faculty of Science and Technology. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo

2019.04.26 | Staff

Consultation on proposal to divide the Faculty of Science and Technology

The proposal to divide Science and Technology into two faculties has now been presented to AU’s Board. The board has approved that the proposal is to be submitted for consultation at AU commencing on Friday 26 April. Read about the proposal here and about how the consultation process will progress.

Poul Nissen (Photo: Lisbeth Heilesen/AU)

2019.04.25 | Public / media, Staff

Poul Nissen receives EUR 1.34 million to study the insulin receptor

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded Professor Poul Nissen a five-year grant in the form of a so-called "NNF Distinguished Investigator 2019 grant" within "Bioscience and Basic Biomedicine", which is given to researchers who have shown their ability to carry out and lead research at the very highest international level.

The proposal for a division of Science and Technology will now be presentet for the University Board. Then the proposal will be sent in consultation. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU

2019.04.11 | Staff

Status on the division of ST

The Rector has completed his round at the departments and the proposal for the division of the faculty will now be presented to the board. Then the proposal will be sent in consultation.

The WPA results for ST are now available. Graphic: AU

2019.04.10 | Staff

WPA 2019 at ST: General satisfaction, but important to follow up

The results in the workplace assessment (WPA) report for ST show that the majority of staff at the faculty are satisfied and committed to their work. But there are still problems with stress, and the tone at work has become harsher. Local follow-up work at individual units is now underway.

WPA 2019. Graphic: AU

2019.04.09 | Staff

The WPA reports are available – local follow-up will begin

The results of the 2019 WPA confirm that in general, the university’s employees are satisfied with their jobs. The individual units will now begin holding dialogue meetings to interpret the results and discuss what concrete actions might be necessary to take at the local level.

[Translate to English:] Der er mange fordele ved at være aktiv på sociale platforme som Twitter og LinkedIn som forsker. Logo: Twitter og LinkedIn

2019.04.10 | Staff

Invitation to Open Lecture and workshop about LinkedIn and Twitter

Researchers and science communicators at ST are invited to an Open Lecture and a workshop on the use of LinkedIn and Twitter to disseminate research and create network. It takes place on Tuesday 30 April 2019 in Aarhus.

ST on LinkedIn. Photo: Christina Troelsen

2019.04.05 | Staff

Follow ST on LinkedIn

Science and Technology has a showcase page on LinkedIn. Follow the page and get the latest news on research and education, grants and events, and what else is going on at the faculty and departments, centres and schools. The LinkedIn page is in Danish.

Bo Brummerstedt Iversen from the Department of Chemistry is receiving DKK 39.8 mill. (EUR 5.3 mill.) to develop dynamic crystallography. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU.
Professor Karl Anker Jørgensen from the Department of Chemistry is receiving DKK 39.9 mill. (EUR 5.3 mill.) for green catalysis. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU.
Professor Henrik Stapelfeldt from the Department of Chemistry is receiving DKK 30.2 mill. (EUR 4 mill) to film the atoms in molecules during chemical reactions. Photo: Lise Balsby.
Professor Lars Birkedal from the Department of Computer Science is receiving DKK 35.4 mill. (EUR 4.72 mill.) to set up a centre for basic research into programme verification. Photo: AU
Professor Yong P. Chen is offered DKK 40 mill (EUR 5,36) to experiment with hybrid quantum materials. Photo: Purdue University

2019.04.05 | Public / media, Staff

Villum Foundation to donate DKK 185 mill. to research at Aarhus University

Five professors in computer science, chemistry and physics have been selected as Villum Investigators, and each will receive between DKK 30 and 40 mill. (EUR 4 - 5.4 mill.) for their research over the next six years.

[Translate to English:] Foto: Lars Kruse

2019.04.01 | Staff

AU puts cleaning assignments in selected buildings out to tender

In the course of the next 9-12 months, a detailed decision-making basis will be prepared for the possible outsourcing of 51 buildings at AU. Consultation responses and comments from liaison committees, union representatives and others will be included in this tender process. When the final basis for decision is completed in early 2020, the…

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