The actor Anita Zieher plays Marie Curie, Lise Meitner and Hedy Lamarr. Photos: © Reinhard Werner

2019.11.20 | Staff

Diversity and equality for everyone

The ST working group for diversity and gender equality invites you to an inspiring afternoon with theatrical entertainment, lectures and discussion on the theme of diversity. How can we make AU and, not least ST, career-friendly for researchers of other genders than male? And what do they do at the University of Copenhagen?

Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo.

2019.11.21 | Staff

Investigation of DCA reports is a useful internal tool

The review of five years of DCA reports was intended to quickly clarify whether there were any more reports with irregularities, and to help avoid similar cases in the future.

Rector Brian Bech Nielsen. Photo: Lars Kruse

2019.11.18 | Staff

AU’s rector: We have to learn from our mistakes

It’s important to stay focused on the future, even though we’re currently explaining the mistakes of the past, says Rector Brian Bech Nielsen in a statement on the investigation of the Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture reports.

2019.11.18 | Staff

The results of the 2019 university elections are in

This year's university elections are over. The have been votes counted and the victorious candidates informed. There are new faces, for example on the AU Board, which will welcome four new members at its meetings after 1 February 2020. Read more about the elections and see the results.


2019.11.20 | Staff

A new tool will help users avoid sharing sensitive data with unintended recipients

A new tool will help you avoid sharing sensitive personal data with people outside AU through Outlook and SharePoint, as these channels are not suitable for sharing sensitive data. Instead, you should use a secure and encrypted channel, such as AU’s secure email solution.

The platform is expected to be ready for implementation in the spring of 2021, so that it will become fully operational as of the autumn semester in 2021. Photo: iStock

2019.11.13 | Staff

Aarhus University to switch from Blackboard to Brightspace

Aarhus University is switching to a new common learning platform. This has now been confirmed following a statutory tendering procedure, after which the choice has fallen on Brightspace. Quality and user-friendliness were decisive factors – and existing course content can be transferred to the new platform.

2019.11.11 | Staff

Vote in the university elections today

Use your right to vote and influence who will become members of the AU board, the academic councils and local PhD committees. You can cast your vote starting now, and the polls will remain open until Thursday 14 November at 16:00.

Steen Brøndsted Nielsen, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University, defended his doctoral dissertation on the colour of molecules on the 28 October 2019. Photo: Melissa Yildirim, AU Foto

2019.11.07 | Staff, Public / media

Doctoral dissertation on the colour of molecules

Physicist Steen Brøndsted Nielsen has obtained his higher doctoral degree at Aarhus University. His doctoral dissertation investigates the colour of molecules when they are not under the influence of their surroundings. The aim is to develop better fluorescent markers for medical examinations.

Photo: AU Photo

2019.11.07 | Staff

Aarhus University has always responded to requests to inspect files and documents, and in full compliance with legislation

Via Science and Technology, over the past few months Aarhus University has processed an unusually large number of requests for access to documents from several different media in the wake of the meat report issue.

Assistant Professor Lasse Sommer Kristensen, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University. Photo: Lundbeckfonden

2019.11.06 | Public / media, Staff

Researcher will improve diagnoses for cancer

More knowledge about so-called circular RNA could improve the ability to make more accurate diagnoses and predict how the individual patient will respond to certain types of cancer drugs. Lasse Sommer Kristensen from the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, AU, receives DKK 10 million from the Lundbeck Foundation for the project.

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