Consequences of cutbacks at the ST Administrative Centre are starting to take effect

The Administrative Centre and secretariat managers are working on proposals for rationalisation as a result of budget cuts at the Centre.

2018.01.25 | Anne-Mette Siem

Last autumn, the ST Administrative Centre was subject to a round of cutbacks, and 15 positions were terminated. The consequences are now beginning to take effect.

Working with the management team at the Administrative Centre, secretariat managers have drawn up proposals for uniform solutions, rationalisation and discontinuation of tasks. More specifically, three groups have been set up, and they have looked at the HR, IT and financial areas.  With regard to education, there is close collaboration with heads of degree programmes on process optimisation. Work will continue in the future.

Following a meeting between the management team and secretariat management, a number of initiatives for the HR, IT and financial areas have now been adopted. However, there is still some way to go before fully realising the initiatives and making them ready for implementation at the Administrative Centre and at departments and schools.

The initiatives have been aligned with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, which will be rolled out over the spring, and the solutions chosen will support the new Regulation.

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