New agreement on library services

AU Library was officially transferred to The Royal Danish Library on 1 January 2018. This means that there have been changes in the tasks carried out by the library. The changes concern only specific tasks listed below; the general library service will continue as before.

2018.02.08 | Anne-Mette Siem

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Following a consultation in the Academic Council, the faculty management team have decided what new tasks are to be taken in connection with the transfer, and what tasks are to be discontinued. An overarching criterion has been to supply a more uniform service for the departments at ST. Furthermore, the Open Access task is to be completed using existing resources.

 Tasks that AU Library at ST will no longer be doing are:

  • presence at Geoscience and Chemistry
  • receiving book gifts and donations
  • procurement of materials for projects within departmental budgets
  • delivery of materials to staff 
  • fewer subject guides.

Bachelor’s projects will no longer be accepted, but Master's theses will be accepted and recorded until an electronic solution to display them has been developed.

AU Library will also reduce the scope of its interdisciplinaryactivities and projects . Furthermore, a few other minor tasks have been reduced in scope or discontinued.

The change in priorities is primarily due to the new task regarding quality assurance of Open Access. It has also been decided that from 2018 all PURE validations will be carried out by the library. There will be no changes in the current screening of PhD dissertations and preparation of management information.

The changes will be implemented on an ongoing basis.


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