Status of the faculty split

The division of ST has resulted in a number of changes. A lot has already fallen into place, while some things will not be clarified until 2020, which will be something of a transitional year. Here’s an overview of the most important things.

2019.12.20 | Anne-Mette Siem

[Translate to English:] Science and Technology bliver til to nye fakulteter 1. januar 2020. Foto: Lars Kruse

[Translate to English:] Science and Technology bliver til to nye fakulteter 1. januar 2020. Foto: Lars Kruse

The faculty division means that a number of things will change from the beginning of the year, while other issues still need to be clarified. Below is a summary. There’s more about the division of ST on the process page for the future organisation of the faculty.

Official names and abbreviations of the faculties

Formal name: Faculty of Technical Sciences
External name: Technical Sciences
Short external name: Tech

Formal name: Faculty of Natural Sciences
External name: Natural Sciences
Short external name: Nat


Department of Bioscience:
The department will be divided into two, so that the Aarhus part will be under the Faculty of Natural Sciences, and the Roskilde, Kalø, the Silkeborg parts will be under the Faculty of Technical Sciences.

The department under Nat will be called the Department of Biology. The name of the department under Tech has yet to be clarified. Initially it will still be called the Department of Bioscience.

Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
It has now been decided that the Centre for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics (QGG) will be established as an independent centre under Tech, and the centre director will be a member of the faculty management team. The Crop Genetics and Biotechnology section (CGB) will be transferred from MBG to the Department of Agroecology, except Professor Torben Asp and his group, who will be transferred to QGG.


Eskild Holm Nielsen will start as the dean of Tech on 1 January 2020.

The position of the dean of Nat has been re-advertised and has not yet been filled. Lars Henrik Andersen will continue as the acting dean until 1 March, when a new dean is expected to be in position.

The vice-dean for public sector consultancy, Kurt Nielsen, will be transferred to Tech. The vice-dean for education , Finn Borchsenius, and the vice-dean for talent development, Jes Madsen, will serve both serve both faculties until further notice.

The deans will each be served by their own faculty secretariat. Marianne F. Løyche will be the chief adviser to the Dean's Office at Natural Sciences. The chief adviser position at Technical Sciences has been advertised and will soon be filled.

The two new Dean’s Offices and their associated secretariats will remain in building 1521 until further notice.

Administrative Centre:

The ST Administrative Centre will continue to support both faculties as the Nat-Tech Administrative Centre. Analysis groups with participants from both of the new faculties have looked at the need to add resources.  A steering committee chaired by the rector has decided to add extra resources to the administrative areas, which are under particular pressure.

Read the analysis reports from the administrative process and a presentation of the steering committee's conclusions on the division website.

Councils, boards and committees:

Each faculty will have its own FSU and FAMU in early 2020.

Academic councils
The current academic council at ST will continue as a joint academic council for the two new faculties from 1 January 2020 and until the establishment of two new academic councils from 1 February 2021. The two new deans will participate on an equal footing in the joint academic council.

The current members will continue, but there will be two sub-committees – one for each of the two new faculties – to allow for dialogue and development of relations with the two new deans, thereby ensuring a good transition to the establishment of an academic council for each faculty.

Boards of studies
Agricultural sciences degree programmes will be transferred to the Board of Studies for Aarhus University School of Engineering (ASE), which will be affiliated with Tech.
The Board of Studies for Aarhus School of Science as well as the Board of Studies for Molecular Medicine (joint with Health) will be affiliated with Nat.


Engineering initiative
Responsibility for this initiative will be transferred to Tech.

Digitialisation initiative
This initiative is a joint initiative between the two faculties.

ST thematic centres
The seven thematic centres will continue as joint initiatives across the two new faculties.

Graduate school

The GSST graduate school is being divided into two new graduate schools; the Graduate School of Technical Sciences (GSTS) and the Graduate School of Natural Sciences (GSNS). The division will probably not take place until mid-2020.


Two new external faculty sites will replace the after the New Year. For the moment, the staff portal will continue as a joint staff portal for both faculties, but new independent staff portals are expected to be in place in the course of 2020.

Staff and students

AU is legally obligated to inform employees individually and in writing as addendums to employment contracts if they are to be organised under one of the two new faculties in connection with the faculty split.

Therefore, over the next few months all employees will receive an addendum to their employment contract in their e-Boks.

A message has been sent about the split to all students because the faculty division will have consequences for future exam certificates.